"If sex is a pain in the ass, then you are doing it wrong."

Chrome Cadash is a flirtatious and humorous surfacer dwarf. He used to work for the Carta and was great at gathering information using his charm, leading him to rank up in the Carta quite fast, until one job led him to the Conclave and a explosion made his life take a 360.

Overview Edit

Physical Appearance Edit

Chrome is a dwarf with green eyes, redhead, bearded face, he is a hairy man, has small ears and nose for a dwarf and his height is around 4'9/145cm.

He has some scars in his face: the one on his left eye happened when he was working for the Carta, on one delivery a bandit attacked him by suprised and nailed him right in the left eye. The one near the nose on the right side happened while he was engaging on romantic activities with a human couple from Kirkwall, he felt down the bed and hit the bed stand with his face.

Personality Edit

Chrome is a loud and charming man specially when he is on a job cause who would expect someone so noisy to be a spy for the Carta?

Not being very wealthy when growing up made Chrome believe that everyone in this world deserves equal chance, no matter if you are a Qunari or Elf, mage or not you deserve to be free and have a chance to make yourself worth something in this world.

After joining the Inquisition Chrome personality didn't change much, he kept flirting with all his co-workers/companions, being loud on the tavern, however he knew he had the responsibility of closing the fade rifts which made him a bit nervous at times cause he was the only one who could do it.

He does not believe in Andraste nor on the chantry, when he was given the mark to seal rifts he was calling bullshit on everyone that said he was the "Herald of Andraste", Chrome can be very stubborn at times when he gets his head on something he will "headbutt" it till he is proven right or wrong.

Talents and SkillsEdit

  • Chrome is a skilled warrior, being self taught but praticing alot while he was younger and after joining the Carta.
  • He has incredible strength being able to control a two-hand weapon with only one hand.
  • For a dwarf Chrome is a impressive dancer, which is a skill he learned while working for the Carta which would come handy when he needed to flirt his way to get information.
  • Chrome is quite knowledgeable about the fade and elven history, after becomming Inquisitor and drinking from the Well of Sorrows, Chrome decided to study elven culture with the help of Morrigan and Solas (who also taught Chrome about the fade).
  • Chrome can handle his drink, being able to go toe to toe with Iron Bull when he gave him Maraas-lok to drink.


In-game Edit

Chrome supports mage freedom and tries to help every race to get equal treatment to humans when possible. He also spends time studying the fade/elven culture with Solas/Dorian and hanging out in the Tavern with Bull or in the stables with Blackwall.

Major ingame decisions:

  • Chrome offered the mages a alliance with the Inquisition - being someone who believes in mage freedom this was a easy decision for him.
  • Saved Hawke and Stroud left in the fade - highly influenciated by Varric and Hawke friendship.
  • Dragon Age™ Inquisition 20171112152357

    Entering Adamant Fortress

    Chrome proposed a alliance with the Wardens and promised to help rebuild them - Bull made a good point about this "Don't know if we can pass judgement on the only guys that know how to end blights."
  • Celene remains empress of Orlais and reconciliated with Briala. - Hoping the elves would be better treated in Orlais.
  • Chrome drank from the Well of Sorrows - Chrome didn't trust Morrigan


  • Chrome supported a inspired Leliana to be Divine - he believed that she would either bring the most change to the chantry or destroy it with so much drastic change and he was okay with either outcome.
  • Revealed that Ameridan was an elven mage.
  • Chrome stopped the eartquakes destroying the Deep Roads and the secret origin of the lyrium.
  • Chrome decided to stop Solas at all costs and disbanded the Inquisition afterwards - Solas is beyond redemption.


Afters disbanding the Inquisition, Chrome needed some time to get used to only using one arm, considering Chrome had incredible strength he managed to use a 2h sword with just one hand, so he trained with Bull and the Charges cause he went where they went for a few months, sometimes with Bull when these two managed to get together.

One day Chrome proposed Bull to marriage which Bull though was unecessary but accepted, at the wedding both of them cried.

Eventually Bull gave command of the charges to Krem, him and Chrome set down in the Kirkwall estate Varric had given Chrome for now and they eventually adopted a little Dwarven girl.

Relationships Edit

Chrome tends to be quite loud around both people he barely knows and people he gets along with, however if you are good friends with him, he tends to share too much information that no one asked about his sex life. He tried to be friendly/flirty with everyone at first, trying to understand others points of view, he will respect you as long as you respect him.

Cullen: At first Chrome tried to flirt with the Commander as he does with everyone but Cullen was straight and Chrome understood that early on so he stopped. Chrome humour was a bit too sexual for Cullen at first but eventually Chrome got Cullen to snicker at some of the dirty jokes, they became good buddies to the point where Cullen told Chrome that he was trying to stop taking lyrium which Chrome wholeheartily agreed with him. Sometimes praticing fighting together or playing Wicked Grace considering both of them were terrible at it and wanted revenge from Josephine.

Vivienne: A mage that would kill someone just cause he accused Chrome of some bullshit, is pro-circle and loves the chantry? As much as Chrome tries to understand other people points of view this woman was just too much. Chrome didn't recruit her, after knowing she was pro-circle and loved the Chantry his immediate question to her was "Is this business or pleasure?" had she said pleasure instead of business should would have been recruit, that's how much Chrome thinks with his dick instead of brain at times.

Solas: Even through this two don't have much in commun they had mutual respect for each other, Chrome wanting to learn more about the fate and elven culture and Solas happily telling him all about it, Chrome learnt a great deal about magic and spirits thanks to Solas too, even if they weren't the best of friends they liked each other and would respect each other opnion. After the Trespasser reveal, Chrome was really dissapointed in Solas, someone he respected lied to him about who he was, used him for his mark and most of all was one the reasons Chrome live changed so much, swearing to stop Solas at all costs.

Sera: Chrome didn't understand much of what Sera said, but fundamentaly understood that despite being a confusing elf Sera had her heart in the right place, they got along well specially since they have similar humour which caused Cassandra to disgusted noise alot.

Varric: They got along extremely well, great buddies, both like to make fun of Cassandra, dwarven glory, Varric loves to take all of Chrome money playing Wicked Grace, one day Chrome will beat him, one DAY. He knows Varric will always have his back.

Cole: Chrome always found Cole fascinating, the way he wanted to help people even through it can be a little creepy but had his heart in the right place, after taking Solas advice, Chrome made Cole more spirit like cause he felt that was the right way to go about it.

Leliana: At first Chrome felt like Leliana was a bit distant and hardened, eventually she opened up and he helped her become inspired, even if they don't agree about the chantry/Andraste, he believes that Leliana is the best chance the Chantry has to improve cause she believe in equality for everyone and that mages should be free.

Dragon Age™ Inquisition 20171110181256

Chrome telling Josephine he was just flirting

Josephine: He flirted with the lady ambassador to be point Leliana told him that he shouldn't mess around with Josephine if he didn't want something serious, which was true, he didn't want something serious just sex, so he didn't go any further with it after a talk with Josephine, other than that they don't have much in commun other than their mutual interrest for dance but they get along.

Morrigan: He didn't trust Morrigan at first, he grew to respect her love for her child and the Hero of Fereldan, but when it came to the Well of Sorrows he decided to take it, cause he couldn't trust Morrigan since she hide some information and killed Abelas. After they met Flemeth and the Inquisitor helped save Kieran they are in good terms.

Lace Harding: He flirted with Harding at every chance he had but they never got anywhere other than drink buddies.

Dorian: After Dorian help on Redcliff, Chrome and him started to talk becomming fond of each other fast, kissing a few times and eventually after helping Dorian get his family locket they had sex, Chrome never had interrest of going further on this relationship so when Dorian said that they had their fun and they could just leave it there, Chrome agreed and they ended it all, Chrome eventually understood Dorian actually was falling for him so it took some time for them to become friendly with each other again, Chrome felt like a asshole and apologized to Dorian for being so insensitive Dorian accepted the apology they became friends again not good friends but just friends.

Cassandra: At first Cassandra didn't trust the Inquisitor but eventually he started talking to her about the Chantry trying to understand her point of view even if in the end they didn't agree about the Chantry and then flirting with her leaving Cassandra flustered multiple times, it was both funny and cute. At one point Cassandra talked to him about wanting to be properly courted which Chrome took as a challenge, so he bought the floors, got the candles and the poem after that he and Cassandra had sex, but it got to serious for Chrome when she confessed about her ex-love and talked about how people would see her, he ended things cause he was afraid of commitment and falling in love, he was a asshole, a freaking asshole to her in that moment, he felt like shit afterwards not knowing how to apologize to her cause she wasn't a random person he banged once and then moved on, she was a true friend and he did this to her. After getting together with Bull he brought her on a Dragon hunt with him, just the 2 of them to talk about what happened and so Chrome could apologize, they managed to kill the dragon together and get on better terms, and become good friends like before they messed around with each other, he values Cassandra friendship alot now.

Dragon Age™ Inquisition 20171118185328

The Iron Bull: When Chrome met Iron Bull he was suprised how he straight up told him he was a spy, which made him see that Bull was a great spy at the same time, cause when he worked for the Carta he had the same approach. He talked with Bull often about the Qunari, woman, flirting with each other and just drinking together, when they first reached Skyhold, Bull told him about a potencial alliance with the Qunari which Chrome was very curious about so he agreed with but in the end he decided to save the charges over the Qunari alliance cause he understood how important the charges were to Bull. After those events they had sex once never talked about it, after Chrome got together with Dorian but messed it up so he went back to Bull to have sex to forget what happened, same with Cassandra, at one point Bull become the guy he went to, to forget his problems, eventually he started slowly falling in love with Bull and he was afraid of it, love, he had no idea how to react to it but after going into the fade and having the fear demon tell him his biggest fear was falling in love, he understood that he couldn't live his live in fear (A piece of advice from Blackwall) so he went alone to Crestwood and decided to kill the dragon from there alone so he could make the necklass of Kadan and give it to Bull, which he did, after that he and Bull become exclusive to each other and felt in love, after the events in Trespasser they got married.

Blackwall: Chrome best friend, Chrome brother in arms, Chrome brother from another mother, Chrome and Thom love each other as friends, they both would die for each other in a fight, both helped each other overcome their fears, Thom was there for Chrome when he messed up with Dorian and Cassandra and when he felt in love with Bull giving him advice and giving him a talking shoulder while Chrome helped him to not be afraid of himself to accept being Thom Rainer by giving him a second chance, they are best pals.

Miscellaneous Edit

  • Varric nickname for Chrome is Giant.
  • He is Bisexual.
  • Chrome loves all kinds of meat and can handle most, if not all, kinds of alcohol.
  • His biggest fear was Falling in Love.
  • He is awful at any kind of board-cards games, he almost always loses when he plays them and doens't know when to stop betting, he loses his clothes playing them more often than not.
  • One day Chrome wants to have a beard as awesome as Blackwalls beard.

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