Catherine Trevelyan (born 9:14 Dragon) was the leader of the second inquisition and is known to some as the "Herald of Andraste."

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Catherine has dark brown hair that is usually worn up and tanned skin. She was born lean and stayed lean, though she is muscular from years of swinging a large sword and carrying heavy armor. She has many scars on her body, and is about 5'7. Her eyes were green hazel before the conclave, but shifted to more bright green after getting the mark on her hand.


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Catherine Trevelyan was born in 9:14 dragon to the Bann and Lady of Ostwick. She is their youngest child,

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Allied with Templars, Gaspard rules Orlais alone, Morrigan drank from the Well of Sorrows, Cassandra became Divine, Inquisition was disbanded.

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