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Alternative backstory Hawke who married into the family. As the only child of a Bannorn, she was bound to the Cousland family who were Teryns. She was companions with Fenella Cousland. Eventually, she was conscripted into King Cailan's Army and served him until the Battle of Ostagar. Before then, during her time in army, she met several times with and became close with the Hawke brothers, Garrett and Carver. On the eve of the Battle of Ostagar, Carver and Carolyne were spontaneously wedded by a Chantry sister on location.

At the betrayal of Loghain at Ostagar, Carolyne and the Hawkes fled to Lothering to save the rest of the family and escape the Blight. Carolyne was unaware that the Hawkes were apostates. For all her strong Andrastian beliefs, she had given herself to Carver as a wife and would stand by him.


As the Hawkes and Carolyne fled Lothering, they came across an ogre. The oldest brother, Garett Hawke fought and sacrificed himself to save the rest of his family.


A year after Carolyne and the Hawkes had arrived in Kirkwall, their life was not easy. Carolyne and Carver's honeymoon season phase was long over. Still, Carolyne found herself bound to the marriage despite the unhappiness. She even convinced herself that it was a test by the Maker to prove her faith.

Carolyne met with Varric and started saving up money to pay for the Deep Roads expedition. On the trip, she brought Varric, Anders, and Carver. Her husband becomes infected with the Blight and the Grey Wardens induct him into the Order as a mercy. It is a bittersweet farewell. Upon their return to the surface, Carolyne discovers that Bethany was taken in by the Templars. Carolyne Hawke had never agreed with harboring apostates, but she had sworn to Carver in the Deep Roads and to Garrett Hawke at Ostagar that she would take care of the family. Carolyne felt guilty for that failure. Carolyne finds herself the head of the Hawke household, without her husband, suffering a mother-in-law's depression, and the burden of notoriety in Kirkwall.




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