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She'd heard the rumors since she could sneak around Highever Castle. The daughter of the Seawolf, but not Bryce. Her father didn't care. Her mother didn't care. She resolved not to, grateful she wasn't heir to a name and title she couldn't in honesty claim.

It wasn't until her life fell apart that she discovered the truth.


A Warden and the Seawolf.

He didn't know how to have a daughter. She didn't know how to have another father, not the night after watching the one who raised her die in her mother's arms. They struggled, and found a way.

Then Ostagar happened.

She was alone again.


Physical Appearance[]

Thick black hair, tea-stained skin...no one could deny she was Eleanor's, but she had no Cousland blood. Her nose, her cheeks...whatever line ran through her veins, it was as strong and wild as her mother, they said.


Wild as the horses Dennet raised - and as hot-blooded, Candide lived life. She was obedient enough to the needs of her parents, but she knew too well that 'needs' and 'wants' were different. She wouldn't drag the name her father gave her through the mud - she would help Fergus - but her life would be as different as her looks.

Talents and Skills[]










Alistair was SO like Cailan. She couldn't resist that comfort. They'd both lost a father in Duncan. They'd both lost a King. They grieved together, him never knowing that along with her King, she'd lost a lover...and the father of the child she almost lost to the Joining.



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