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Cae Kader is the Orlesian Grey Warden. She takes over as the Warden-Commander of Ferelden soon after the disappearance of Fenrie Mahariel.


Physical Appearance[]

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Talents and Skills[]

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Cae became a surface dwarf at a young age, her family was pushed into Orlais. Cae did not maintain a positive relationship with her family because she was a transwoman. She joined the Grey Wardens as an escape to a new life, risking the Joining because she felt a potential death was better than her present life.

She was summoned to Weisshaupt after a few years of excellent service the Wardens. Cae remained for a time before she was sent to Ferelden during the Fifth Blight. She was reassigned to be an advisor to the Warden, Fenrie Mahariel, in Amaranthine. When Warden Mahariel fled to the Order, Cae stepped up as the Warden-Commander.


Cae Kader prioritizes Warden's Keep and does not save Amaranthine.


She maintains her position as Warden-Commander for 5 years before her unpopularity after the destruction of Amaranthine demands she step down.


Velanna: Cae and Velanna have unresolved romantic tension. They are both pragmatists to a degree, although Velanna is blinded by her sister. Both use each other as a means to an end.


Cae is Orlesian in nothing but name. She is practical and hard-nosed against the kitsch of Orlais. Her major allegiance is the Grey-Warden Order in Weisshaupt. She spent a great deal of her youth there.

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