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"There is nothing in this world that matters so much as the pursuit of knowledge and the improvement of the self through the application of logic and rationality. I am a scholar at heart, and if I cannot have a voice, then I will speak through my writing."

Brigid Hawke (born Guardian 5, 9:06 Dragon) is the first and former Champion of Kirkwall, appointed to the role for her part in the defeat of the 9:34 Qunari invasion of Kirkwall. Born in Ferelden to an apostate mage and a lady of House Amell of Kirkwall, Brigid spent most of her early life on the run with her family in order to avoid the templars. At age thirteen, she was caught in a battle between two banns and had her throat slashed; in her panic, she exposed her magic and was arrested. In order to escape from prison, she made a deal with a demon and learnt blood magic, which allowed her to return to her family. Subsequently, she refused to give up her blood magic, which destroyed her relationship with her father when he found out. At the outset of the Fifth Blight, Brigid led her mother and brother to Kirkwall, her sister having been killed in the family's escape from Lothering and her father having died three years beforehand. She subsequently spent the next seven years both rising to power and suffering many losses. Initially a centrist who refused to take a hand in the growing mage–templar conflict, Brigid eventually grew more pro-mage because of the abuses committed in the Gallows, and she ultimately supported the mages in the Battle of the Gallows. She and her associates were forced to flee Kirkwall afterwards.

After her departure from Kirkwall, Brigid spent some years in the Free Marches before moving to Cumberland and building a quiet life there for herself and her elven lover. This life was interrupted when Brigid was called to aid the Inquisition, and she subsequently accompanied the Inquisitor to the Siege of Adamant Fortress in the Western Approach. She survived the unplanned journey into the Fade and, after the battle, journeyed to Weisshaupt Fortress to relay the news of what had happened to the Grey Wardens. Following a series of unexpected events, Brigid left Weisshaupt in 9:44 Dragon and returned to Cumberland, where she remains in obscurity with her lover and family.


Basic Information[]

Full Name: Brigid Hawke

Nickname(s): Icy (Varric)

Alias(es): None

Occupation: Champion of Kirkwall

Age: 38 as of Haring, 9:44 Dragon

Date of Birth: Guardian 5, 9:06 Dragon

Nationality: Fereldan

Orientation: Homosexual

Libido: Low

Religion: Agnostic

Threat Level: 8/10. Brigid is an adept of the Spirit school and talented blood mage, with many means of debilitating or killing enemies at her disposal. Where she is most skilled, however, is in her understanding of tactics, strategy, and her logical style of fighting: Brigid is never reckless in battle, but always thinks her actions through, and her perceptiveness gives her an edge. That being said, Brigid can be overcautious and take too long to think about what she must do in battle, which often puts her at risk, and she is often isolated from her party members because of her inability to communicate with them during a fight. Nevertheless, after years of experience, Brigid learns to balance acting with fighting, to improve her tactics, and to communicate through non-conventional means wth her party, and thanks to all this, she comes into her own and becomes a truly terrifying force on the battlefield.

World State: Playthrough 3 ('Blood Mage')

Physical Information[]

Face Claim: None

Height: 5'8" / 1.73 m

Eye Colour: Icy blue

Hair Colour + Style: Brown, short, straight, pixie cut

Dominant Hand: Right

Body Type: Slender

Distinguishing Features: Icy blue eyes, neck scar

Accent + Intensity: None

Tattoo(s): None

Scar(s): Long scar across the front of her neck

Piercing(s): None

Glasses? No

Background Information[]

Hometown: Coltsmore, the northern Bannorn

Current Residence: Kirkwall

Language(s): Uses sign language, understands Common, some Orlesian and Ancient Tevene, and eventually some elven.

Social Class: Lower class pre-Act 2, nobility from Act 2 onwards

Education: Homeschooled by her parents, given a Circle education in magic by Malcolm and taught subjects such as history and how to read and write by both Malcolm and Leandra. Taught basic homemaking skills and the basics of singing, music, and dancing by Leandra. Learnt theology and religion largely through reading the Chant of Light, Chantry histories, and visiting the chantries in the various places she stayed in. Taught herself science, critical thinking, logic, analysis, and other more cerebral skills over the period of several years.

Family: See below

Romanced: Merrill

Pet(s): Niallan, mabari war hound, given to her as a puppy when she was 13, killed when the estate is levelled by the Chantry explosion

Adopted? No

Rap Sheet: None

Prison Time: Taken to prison after lashing out with her magic when caught up in a battle between the soldiers of two banns; escaped from prison the next day by using blood magic.

Personality Information[]

MBTI/Jung Type: INTJ "Architect"

Archetype: The Magician

Enneagram: Investigator

Moral Alignment: Neutral Good

Temperament: Phlegmatic

Angered By: Nobility, nobles abusing commoners, parental hypocrisy, ignorance, blatant irrationality and stupidity

Intelligence Type: Intrapersonal

Neurodivergence(s): None

At Risk: Her emotional detachment, often cold demeanour, aloofness, and bossiness tend to leave her isolated from those around her, with her companions both unable and rather unwilling to fuly understand her. Her self-righteousness, centrism, and tendency to generalise also leave her at risk of misreading situations, drawing the wrong conclusions, and either taking the wrong course of action or not acting when she should; this is only mitigated by her willingness to admit to being wrong and correct her mistakes.

Vice and Habits[]

Smokes? No

Drinks? Yes, only in moderation

Drugs? No

Violent? Only when she needs to be.

Addictions? None

Self-Destructive? No.

Habit(s): Rubbing her chin when deep in thought, writing constantly, getting lost in her thoughts, maintaining a perpetually grim expression, remaining stock still and never gesticulating in conversations

Hobbies: Writing down her thoughts and detailed analyses of the situations she encounters, constant self-reflection and introspection, performing scientific and magical experiments, reading, researching ways to get her voice back

Likes: Science, writing, the environment and architecture of Hightown (not the residents), Spirit magic, plain and simple clothing, spirited debates, experimenting with new runes and enchantments, following a schedule, getting lost in the crowd, science and history books

Dislikes: Nobility, her father, extremism of any kind, frilly clothing, the Hanged Man's swill, people asking about her neck scar, her homeland, the stench of the Docks and Darktown, people messing with her things, being mute

Tic(s): None

Obsession(s): None, though her dedication to self-analysis, introspection, and writing down her thoughts can sometimes come across as this.

Compulsion(s): None

Miscellaneous Information[]

House: Ravenclaw / Horned Serpent

Zodiac: Tenebrium

Vice: Envy

Virtue: Diligence

Element: Air

Mythological Creature: Sphynx

Animal: Owl

Mutation: None



Born in the late winter of 9:06 Dragon in the village of Coltsmore in the northern Bannorn, a few months after her parents' arrival in Ferelden, Brigid was an entirely normal child for the first few years of her life. From an early age, she was a rather different sort from most children—logical, bossy, rather detached and aloof, preferring to write and study rather than play with others—and her parents never quite entirely understood her. Leandra, in particular, often struggled to connect with her daughter, and the most she was able to do was impart on her a greater sense of maturity and responsibility. At five, Brigid became an elder sister, and she took as well to the role as most children would, though she was not especially interested in Bethany or Carver. At seven, her magic manifested while she was playing with Carver, shooting a flame out of her hand that accidentally singed Carver's wrist. Malcolm was brought running by Carver's shriek, and the family picked up and moved to avoid the templars the same day.

Although the years that followed were rather difficult due to Bethany's own magic manifesting and the constant need to move around to escape the notice of the templars, Brigid handled it all with equanamity. She was a talented mage with a keen interest in the Spirit school, and she did very well in her lessons. But she was also not someone who her family could entirely understand: an ardent intellectual and rationalist, often emotionally detached, and almost obsessed with writing down her thoughts and analysing the situations she encountered for the purposes of self-reflection and introspection. Her relationships with her family were decent, but not always especially close, and most of the time, Brigid liked nothing more than to be left alone to continue her studies or writings.

When she was thirteen, however, things would change. While the family was living in a village in the northern Bannorn, a conflict between two banns spilled over into the village, and Brigid found herself caught up in the fighting. Although she was able to get Carver and Bethany away, when she moved to escape as well, a sword went wide, cutting her throat and her laryngeal nerves and causing still more damage beyond that. Brigid subsequently panicked and lost control of her magic, a rare reckless act that resulted in her being arrested and carted off to jail, there to await the arrival of the templars. Knowing she would either be executed or taken to the Circle and shown no mercy in either case, Brigid made a deal with a demon, learning blood magic and having most of her throat healed but trading away all chance of ever having her vocal cords repaired. She subsequently used her newfound abilities to escape from prison and return to her family, and they packed up and moved to Gwaren in order to avoid the templars. In the aftermath, Malcolm healed Brigid's other injuries and began to help her develop a sign language that she could use, and although he was unimpressed with her for using blood magic, he let it slide, recognising that she'd had no other option.

Unfortunately, Malcolm's goodwill would not last. Brigid had not intended to become a blood mage, but now that she was one, she decided to keep it up, not wanting her abilities to go to waste and hoping that some good could come of what had happened. For several years, she kept it hidden, but on her eighteenth birthday, Malcolm finally discovered what she was up to; an explosive argument ensued, which ended with Brigid making it clear she did not intend to give up her blood magic. Enraged, Malcolm disowned her and refused to speak to her again, for which Brigid deeply resented him. By the time Malcolm died several years later, Brigid was left unable to mourn him, only the loss of what could have been and the fact that they'd never been able to reconcile. As such, Brigid dealt with the grief in a very healthy manner, and she took well to her new role as the head of the family, even if she wished she could be free from the cage of apostacy and able to live life on her own terms. The next few years passed by peacefully enough, but Brigid always retained a certain dissatisfaction with her lot, and she often got the feeling that there was something more on the horizon. She could never have guessed at what it was.


Act One[]

Quest Decisions
The Destruction of Lothering Let Aveline decide Wesley's fate. Joined the mercenaries. Killed Friedrich.
Enemies Among Us Handed Idunna over to the templars. Keran reinstated with the templars.
Wayward Son Killed Danzig. Sent Feynriel to the Dalish.
Loose Ends Did not kill Lord Harimann. Lied to Meeran.
Shepherding Wolves Defended Ketojan from the Qunari.
Act of Mercy Convinced the templars to leave.
Friends in Low Places Refused Dougal's offer.
The Deep Roads Expedition Carver died in the Deep Roads.
Secondary/Side Quests Rescued Saemus. Refused to give Martin his cargo. Investigated the Bone Pit. Did not tell Ghyslain the truth about Ninette's death. Killed Kelder. Did not blackmail Ser Thrask.

Act Two[]

Quest Decisions
Blackpowder Courtesy Spared Javaris.
Offered and Lost Killed Ser Varnell.
Prime Suspect Let Gascard go.
All That Remains Used Gascard's ritual. Persuaded Gascard to fight Quentin. Spared Gascard in Darktown.
Following the Qun Did not help Petrice.
Demands of the Qun Earned the Arishok's respect. Isabela returned. Fought the Arishok with the party.
Secondary/Side Quests Helped the guards with the raiders on the coast. Read and took Tarohne's tomes. Did not encounter Yevhen. Freed Feynriel.
Legacy Killed Malvernis. Found Malcolm's will. Sided with Larius.

Act Three[]

Quest Decisions
Showdown Sided with Orsino.
On the Loose Let Emile go free.
Best Served Cold Let Keran go. Advocated mercy for Alain and the conspirators. Handed conspirators to Orsino.
The Last Straw Executed Anders. Sided with the mages.
Secondary/Side Quests Killed the high dragon. Offered to help Nuncio. Let Zevran go. Summoned Hybris. Saved Nathaniel. Reunited Gamlen and Charade.
Mark of the Assassin Baited a normal wyvern. Let Arlange go. Snuck through the Chateau. Left Tallis in the cave.


Companion Decisions
Anders Friend. Encouraged to spare Karl. Ella killed. Distracted Elthina.
Aveline Friend. Married Donnic. Remained Captain of the Guard.
Carver Rival. Given Malcolm's letters to Ser Maurevar.
Fenris Rival. Gave Orana money. Spared Varania.
Isabela Rival. Encouraged to return Tome. Killed Castillon.
Merrill Friend. Given the arulin'holm. Clan Sabrae survived. Did not destroy the eluvian.
Sebastian Rival. Encouraged to return to Starkhaven. Tried to persuade Elthina to leave Kirkwall.
Varric Friend. Killed Bartrand. Kept idol shard.


Kirkwall could quite charitably be described as a 'trial' for Brigid. From the moment she and her remaining family entered the city, she quite disliked the place, and as the years went on and various disasters piled up on her, this dislike only deepened. By mischance and ill fortune, Brigid lost all her remaining family save Gamlen, and though she did her absolute best to contain the damage of the many situations she encountered, she could never keep them from spiralling out of control. She found some enjoyment in publishing research papers anonymously, but she could not escape the burdens of her new role as one of the nobility she so loathed, and the more abuses she saw in the Gallows, the more she moved away from her former centrism. Even more so, Leandra's murder left her with constant doubts about her blood magic that she could never quieten, though still she kept it up. All the same, Kirkwall was not without profit for her, as Brigid found new friends, associates, and a woman who could love her and accept everything she was, and who she could love back. She also was afforded the chance to grow as a person and overcome most of her past flaws, even if much of this was in part due to Carver's early death. By the time she left Kirkwall after the Battle of the Gallows, Brigid was fairly content, as much as she could be.

Following their departure, Brigid and Merrill spent some time wandering around the Free Marches, researching red lyrium and helping refugees, before they decided to settle down. For their new home, they chose Cumberland, a place where they could get lost enough in the crowd that they might finally be free to live life on their own terms. In 9:39 Dragon, they relocated to the city, and a year later, after considerable discussion and thought, they adopted three children who had been left orphaned by the war. Two were humans, Luca and Kathe, and one was an elf, Adiel. They subsequently welcomed them into their home and did their best to help them adjust to their new lives, and when none turned out to be mages, Brigid was neither disappointed nor relieved. This contented existence was interrupted, however, when Varric wrote to Brigid, told her about Corypheus' survival, and asked her to come aid the Inquisition in defeating him. Although Brigid felt little guilt, she recognised that she had made a mistake and should offer the Inquisition whatever help she could; as such, she persuaded a reluctant Merrill to let her go and subsequently made the journey to Skyhold alone. She did not like to leave her family behind, but she filly intended for this to be her very last adventure.

As always seemed to be the case with Brigid, things would turn out to be far more than she had ever anticipated. Journeying to the farthest reaches of Orlais, becoming part of a full-scale assault on the Wardens, venturing physically into the Fade and coming out again—it was far more glorious than her years in Kirkwall and a sure test of her abilities. After Brigid escaped from the Fade with the Inquisitor, she decided to joureny to Weisshaupt to let the Wardens know what had happened; her plan was to not stay too long. Unfortunately, due to the Wardens' internecine conflict, her brief sojourn turned into an extended, two-year-long stay, and Brigid was only able to escape just as things really began to deteriorate. She returned to Cumberland as quickly as she could, and the last service she did for the world was warning as many people as possible about what was going on at Weisshaupt. After, she returned to Merrill, their children, and their life together, and she quickly settled back in. She hopes to never again be called to action.



Anders and Brigid are good but not very close friends throughout the years they spend together, with most of their friendship being based on their discussions of their beliefs, ideas, and magic as a whole, and on their sharing certain pro-mage beliefs. Brigid's willingness to support Anders and her tireless efforts to help him find a way to control Justice, despite how little success they have, also play a role, with Anders being exceedingly grateful to her for her being so willing to help. Although they have many disagreements, mainly revolving around Brigid's centrism, sympathy for the templars, use of blood magic, these generally do not have an impact on the relationship until Act 3, when Anders' increasing fanaticism and black-and-white view of the world causes Brigid to distance herself from him. For the most part, however, they remain supportive of each other in all their endeavours, and they often enjoy practising magic and hanging out at Anders' clinic together. Towards the end, however, as Anders is more and more consumed by Justice, this falls apart, and by the end, their friendship is on its very last legs.


Brigid and Aveline get along very well almost from the start due to their similar personalities, even though they meet in horrible circumstances. They don't get close all that quickly, but they do understand each other very well, and from the early days, they often rely on each other as rocks to cling to in the storm. Initially, they don't talk much about their problems or the circumstances in which they met, but as they get closer and learn to trust each other, they do begin discussing these things, as well as the problems that still plague their everyday lives, and this also helps them with bonding. In particular, they connect over Aveline's inability to stop being a protector and Brigid's frustration with having to constantly be the protector for her family, unable to put the role down even though she wants to. In later years, they remain closer to each other than almost anyone, with their personalities and the things they've been through having done much to bring them together, and it is this strength that allows their friendship to survive the mistakes Aveline makes at the end of Act 2. Brigid being unwilling to give up on her friend, she brings her concerns to Aveline, who only listens to her because she knows she can trust Brigid, and they subsequently bond even more over Aveline's efforts to correct her mistakes and do better—efforts that Brigid is always eager to encourage. As a result of all this, they're almost as close as sisters by the end of the game, and they remain important parts of each other's lives long afterwards, visiting each other with their families as often as the distance between Cumberland and Kirkwall will allow.


Brigid and Carver's relationship is generally acrimonious throughout Act 1 due to a combination of factors: their clashing personalities, the decisions Brigid makes that Carver tends to disagree with, their inability to understand each other, Brigid's lack of sympathy for Carver's problems and belief that he simply needs to get over them, Carver's resentment of being her mouthpiece, stuck in her shadow, and receiving no sympathy from her, the aftermath of Bethany's death, and so on. They have never been particularly close, but all these things pile up on each other in Act 1, resulting in them having frequent arguments that just make things between them even worse. Their fight following their recovering the will is almost the final nail in the coffin, as Brigid finally gives up on improving Carver's attitude—she had at least tried to be patient with him before—and remains at a distance from him, while Carver cannot forgive her for dismissing his pain and anger so easily and so harshly. They continue to go out together, but only because they have to, and Brigid is as cold to Carver as he is angry at her. Their moments of solidarity are few, though they do still care for each other to some degree, and Carver often has to restrain himself from deliberately mistranslating Brigid's sign language to piss her off. Sometimes he fails, and the fact that this results in even more arguments as Brigid gets angry with him shows how dysfunctional their relationship is. They're in no great state by the time the end comes, and this will always be one of Brigid's great regrets.


Fenris and Brigid have a rather difficult relationship from day one due to a combination of factors, namely Brigid's blood magic, Fenris' trauma, and their clashing personalities. Brigid respects Fenris well enough and sympathises with what he's been through, but in the early days, she has trouble empathising with him, and she sometimes thinks he spends too much time dwelling on the past and hasn't taken adequate steps to secure his future. She also finds him too harsh, hypocritical in how he sees city elves and southern mages, excessively cruel to Merrill, and unfortunately narrow-minded, though she does try to remember that his experiences have no doubt influenced this. Fenris, meanwhile, finds Brigid domineering, cold, and aloof, and this combined with her blood magic makes him extremely wary of her. As they go through the years together, they do come to respect and trust each other to some extent, and Fenris is legitimately grateful to Brigid for all her help and for her teaching him how to read, but the issues of blood magic and Merrill will always be between them to some extent. As such, they never get close, and they are always teammates, not friends.


Brigid and Isabela have a generally distant relationship that often verges on being hostile. For various reasons, their personalities and worldviews are utterly incompatible, but unlike with Varric and Fenris, in their case, this prevents them from being friendly with or even respecting each other. Isabela thinks of Brigid as a boring stick-in-the mud who she can't even begin to understand, while Brigid respects Isabela's desire to live life the way she wants to but sees her as selfish, reckless, and irresponsible—a view that is only confirmed by Isabela's role in the Qunari invasion. They clash often enough that they only rarely get through a conversation without disagreeing or arguing about something, and Isabela is often somewhat catty to Brigid, especially after Brigid gets together with Merrill. As such, they prefer to keep their distance from each other if they can. Once Isabela finally realises that her selfishness is unacceptable and she should try to be better, their relationship improves, as both women become more understanding of and willing to listen to each other, and both gain a new appreciation for each other. But they still remain rather distant, and are never what one would call friends.


Brigid and Merrill have a reasonably warm relationship almost from the start, with Brigid being quite polite and hospitable to Merrill and Merrill immediately becoming quite attached to her because of her acceptance of her blood magic, curiosity about her culture and Dalish magic, and overall cerebrism and intelligence. While Merrill often finds Brigid incomprehensible and aloof, and they have their communication problems due to Brigid's muteness, Merrill's kookiness, and the fact that their minds operate on very different wavelengths, they're still able to get along quite well, and over the years, they get closer. Even before they enter a romantic relationship, they're able to find acceptance with each other, and while Brigid doesn't always care for Merrill's kookiness, she does eventually grow quite fond of it, knowing Merrill wouldn't be Merrill without it. Brigid's efforts to help Merrill with the eluvian only bring them closer together, as do Merrill's attempts to help Brigid with her insecurities and to reveal her prejudices to her, and they can always count on each other when everyone else seems set against them. This solidarity and acceptance do the most to solidify their relationship, such that by the end of the game, they're willing to call each other family, and not just partners.


Brigid and Sebastian generally get along quite well throughout the years they spend together. Although Brigid is rather sanctimonious towards Sebastian at times because of his deep piety, and although she often finds his hot-bloodedness and inability to choose rather intolerable, in most other respects, their personalities fit quite well. Though their opinions on various matters tend to differ, they often have a lot to talk about, and they spend a surprising amount of time discussing their beliefs and worldviews, with Sebastian surprising Brigid with how tolerant and accepting he is. Brigid often counsels Sebastian with regards to his decisions, in the hopes that her advice might help him become more decisive and less plagued by doubt, and in return, Sebastian helps her in moments when she is becoming too domineering, aloof, or unempathetic, with his advice helping her remember herself. These moments and the clashes they have help them both grow as people, and while they never get very close, by the end of the game, they do greatly respect each other and know they can call on the other whenever they need to.


Brigid and Varric have a decently friendly but not especially close relationship. They get along well enough, but their personality differences, recurring communication problems, and the fact that they simply operate on entirely different wavelengths prevent them from getting too close. Their natures clash in many ways—Varric is charming, approachable, a smooth talker, and a chronic mythomaniac, while Brigid is logical, analytical, intensely cerebral, aloof, domineering, and always forthright. This does not result in many arguments between them, however, as they still respect each other and appreciate what their differences bring to the table. Really, the lack of closeness is more due to their inability or unwillingness to understand each other, something that is more prominent on Varric's end but also happens with Brigid. Other factors like their silent agreement to not talk about their problems with each other, Varric's excessive guilt over Carver's fate, and Brigid's suspicion that Varric cares more about his idealised image of her as a hero than the real her, also drive wedges in the relationship over time, though these also go mostly unacknowledged. At the end of the day, they are good friends, and fighting together for six years does help them bond, but that is all they'll ever be.


  • Malcolm Hawke (father, apostate mage, died of illness in 9:27 Dragon)
  • Leandra Amell (mother, Lady of Kirkwall, killed by a blood mage in 9:34 Dragon)
    • Carver Hawke (brother, soldier, died of the taint in the Deep Roads in 9:31 Dragon)
    • Bethany Hawke (sister, apostate mage, killed by an ogre at the outset of the Fifth Blight)
  • Aristide Amell (m. grandfather, Lord of Kirkwall, died of cholera in 9:11 Dragon)
  • Bethann Walker (m. grandmother, Lady of Kirkwall, died of cholera in 9:11 Dragon)
  • Gamlen Amell (m. uncle)
    • Charade Amell (cousin, Friend of Red Jenny)
    • Kathe (adopted daughter, born in 9:28 Dragon, adopted in 9:40 Dragon)
    • Luca (adopted son, born in 9:32 Dragon, adopted in 9:40 Dragon)
    • Adiel (adopted son, born in 9:35 Dragon, adopted in 9:40 Dragon)


"We must trust to nothing but facts. These are presented to us by Nature, and cannot deceive."

Antoine Lavoisier

  • (to Anders, through Carver) "We can't always predict the outcome of our actions… We can only make them with intelligence and common sense."
  • (to Carver) "Nobody's listening anymore. Nobody wants to listen to you, and it's not because of me. It's not my fault if you prefer to languish and refuse to adjust. Find your own path and stop bothering me with your adolescent whining. But if that's all you have to say, maybe you are only good for being my mouthpiece."
  • (to Saemus and Marlowe Dumar, through Carver) "There is no middle ground? It sounds like you've both been hardheaded."
  • (to Bodahn, via notes) "I didn't ask you to be my manservant, Bodahn. And as it is, I don't know what you'll be able to do—I maintain the estate myself."
  • (to Sebastian, via notes) "Don't let a demon make you doubt yourself. Being concerned is a good sign you'd be good at it."
  • (to Merrill, about moving in with her) "I'm already not a very good noble. Why not?"
  • (to Fenris at the end of A Bitter Pill) "Your need for revenge is consuming you… If you're wondering why you can't move on, this is it."
  • (to Anders) "For all Tevinter's problems, mages have been free there forever. It hasn't fallen yet. It's not an example of the worst of magic, but the worst of human nature."
  • (to Anders) "If you want to be an example to mages, you need to master yourself. Sinking into extremism will not help your cause."
  • (to Gascard, through Aveline, after All That Remains) "I'm not doing this for repayment. I gave you a second chance because I thought you were better than this. Don't waste it."
  • (to Prosper, through Varric) "It's up to you how this ends. I can help you up, or you can fall."
  • (to Merrill, during Merrill, Friend or Foe?) "You can't help people without their consent, but your methods posed real dangers that you continue to ignore. Asking me to strike you down if it came to that was selfish. Neither you nor Marethari were entirely wrong. I'm sorry, Merrill."
  • (to Anders, during Justice) "That demon just killed her Keeper. That demon is dead. Her people have exiled her on pain of death. She only has me now. You have no idea what you're talking about, Anders. Be silent!"
  • (to Meredith, through Varric, before revealing her blood magic) "I'm not helping you, Meredith. In fact, I'm going to show you what you've missed all along. What you've had hiding under your nose all this time."
  • (to Varric at Skyhold) "There's no point in blaming yourself. You had no way to know this would happen. Things spiral out of control—you can't hold yourself accountable for that."


(during Fenris Recruited)

  • Brigid, mouthing: You survive and you move on. What else do you want?
  • Fenris: Something different. So should you.


(during Magistrate's Orders)

  • Nabil: I feel just as bad for those knife-ears as the next man, but ignoring the magistrate's direct orders? That's madness.
  • Brigid, through Carver: If by 'feel just as bad', you mean 'despise them enough to call them knife-ears and let their children be murdered', then yes, I guess you do feel as bad for them as the next man. Madness ignoring an order may be, but looking at a pile of dead and missing children and letting the killer get away with it because the children had pointed ears? That's inhumane.


(final conversation with Carver)

  • Brigid: I'm sorry. You deserved better than this.
  • Carver: I'm sorry too. If we both could have just listened to each other… But it's all right. It's okay. You don't need to blame yourself.
  • Brigid: Thank you. Say hello to Bethany for me, will you?
  • Carver: Sure. I'll put in a good word for you with Father, too.
  • Brigid: If you wish. I'll make sure this… this was worth it, as much as it can be.
  • Carver: I know it will be. I just wish… I wish I could have heard you speak. One last time.
  • Brigid: I know. But this is how it has to be. Come on. We're… out of time.


(during An Update)

  • Varric: Carver would still be here if it weren't for Bartrand. He has to answer for that. I have to set this right… as much as that's possible.
  • Brigid: Bartrand is many things, but I don't blame him for Carver. Bad luck killed Carver, nothing more.
  • Varric: If you say so. Even so… I should have seen it coming.


(during Merrill, An Apology)

  • Merrill: I… I can't believe I turned on you… with the demon… in the Fade. I'm so sorry. Ma serannas. I'll understand if you can't forgive me.
  • Brigid: I would have done the same, Merrill, if the demon had offered me my voice back. I understand. You didn't betray me, the demon made you do it.


(during Legacy)

  • Varric: Hope you're handling this… all right? Hearing a dead parent's voice might be a little… difficult.
  • Brigid: All right? All right? The lying, hypocritical bastard! All his talk of taking pride in magic—but he never wanted mage children! All his condemnation of blood magic and self-righteous sanctimoniousness—but he used it here himself! He spent seven years judging me for my blood magic, disowned me as his child and refused to speak to me again because I would not give it up—but he was one as well! The lying, hypocritical, smug bastard! How could he do this?! How could he do all this 'for the family' only to turn around and judge me for what I did?! Bastard! How can I call him my father after this?!


(during To Catch a Thief)

  • Isabela: Don't you understand? The relic is the only thing that will keep Castillon from feeding me to the sharks!
  • Brigid: And if you don't hand it over, there'll be a slaughter on both sides. Do you understand, Isabela? This isn't about you!


(at the chantry)

  • Sebastian: You should accept the viscount's seat, Hawke. You're the only one worthy of it.
  • Brigid: I think not. I despise being a noble enough as it is.
  • Sebastian: And yet you encourage me to retake Starkhaven and become prince?
  • Brigid: You wanted advice on what you should do. I think you'd do better as a prince than a priest. For my own part, I'd be better as a scholar.


(during The Last Straw)

  • Anders: The sooner I die, the sooner my name lives on to inspire generations!
  • Brigid: You're not going to inspire anyone, if I have my way. You're going to die alone. You're going to be forgotten. You're going to go down as just another abomination, a fanatic who threw innocents to the wolves for his own ends. You'll never be anyone's hero.

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