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Brady Maxwell Trevelyan (9:17 Dragon-) is a member of the Noble Trevelyan family of Ostwick. He is most notably known as the former leader of the Inquisition.


Physical Appearance[]

Brady shares the common trait of warm golden blonde hair and light blue-grey eyes found in many members of his lineage. He stands at 6 feet and 4 inches (193 cm) and weighs 215 pounds (97.5 kg).


Brady is generally honest, kind, and optimistic. He is quick to crack a joke, no matter the situation. He relies on charm and wit to steer him through conversation, and has been accused by many to be a shameless flirt.

He is fiercely loyal and stubborn. He tends to lean toward progressive decisions, and often criticizes conservative viewpoints for their lack of providing equal opportunity and suppressing the potential of more social inclusion between groups and races.

He is forgiving and empathetic, almost to a fault.

Astrologically, Brady is a Gemini.

Talents and Skills[]

Brady is a two-handed warrior with the champion specialization. His fighting style is quick and smooth, despite the use of large weapons. He has been given the nickname "The Fox of Ostwick" for his unorthodox fighting style.

Brady is a talented artist. He is fond of painting rural vistas and self portraits. It has been rumored that he has a collection of portraits inspired by the Inquisition's inner circle, but none have been produced or sold.

Politicians attribute a silver tongue to be one of his most useful skills. Celene Valmont I, the Empress of Orlais, wrote an account of her first meeting of the Inquisitor in a journal found at Hilamshiral. She stated, "[Inquisitor Trevelyan] captivated the court in mere moments of his arrival. My ladies-in-waiting informed me of his arrival, only to return moments after with a stack of slips with requests to stall negotiations so the young women of the nobility may share a dance with him before the night concluded [...] After [Inquisitor Trevelyan] saved my life and throne, I found myself wishing for a dance, as well. Despite my position as Orlais' Imperial Majesty, I received the second-to-last dance, with Lady Pentaghast granted the last dance."



Brady was born in Ostwick to his mother, Eleanor Brady of the Ostwick Circle, and Bann Silas Trevelyan. His maternal lineage was kept a secret to protect the Bann's reputation, and he was raised by Bann Trevelyan and his wife, Lady Mira Trevelyan. He was raised beside an older half-sister, Grace, with whom he shared a close relationship.

At twelve, his biological mother was confirmed dead during the Battle of Ostagar, where she was sent to help the Ferelden King, Cailan Thierin. Brady was left to mourn his mother with little support from his family, aside from his sister Grace. His relationship with his father and Lady Mira became strained after these events.

As the youngest Trevelyan sibling, Brady was never bothered by many responsibilities, other than attending balls and soirees when required. He often spent his time training, painting, writing and performing music, and engaging in casual, romantic relationships with various women in Ostwick.

He was sent to the Conclave by his father, on the order to "make [himself] useful."


Brady was reluctant to believe himself as the "Herald of Andraste." Despite being a believer, he did not see himself as worthy of such a hefty title. Brady led the Inquisition with benevolence.

He began a intimate relationship with inner circle member, Seeker Cassandra Pentaghast. However, with her ascension to the Sunburst Throne with his personal support, their romantic relationship dissolved.

During the exalted Council, Brady decided to disband the Inquisition. When he had to decide how to deal with Solas' plans, he chose to save his friend from himself, rather than reach a resolution by killing him.


Brady fell into a depression upon the loss of his mark. He could not play music, paint, or wield a blade, and lost many of the hobbies that he enjoyed for most of his life.

His current whereabouts are unknown.


Brady established formidable relationships with every advisor and member of the inner circle.

Commander Cullen Rutherford is often cited as his closest friend. Though, intercepted correspondences seem to conclude that Inquisitor Trevelyan's closest friends include: author Varric Tethras, Dorian Pavus, The Champion of Kirkwall, The Hero of Fereldan, Grand Enchanter Vivienne, The Iron Bull, Lady Josephine Montiliyet, Thom Rainier, Celene Valmont I, and Sera.

His relationship with Divine Victoria remains positive. He does not agree with the Divine's middle ground approach and often pushes for quick, immediate reform, but respects her wishes and decisions.

The Inquisitor is rumored to have been seen with his former spymaster, Lady Leliana, in the marketplace of Val Royeaux after the events of the exalted council, spurring various newsletters claiming they have sparked a romantic relationship. This has neither been confirmed, nor denied, however, with many of the gossip reporters going missing a few days after their articles had been published.



Brady is very fond of whiskey. It is his drink of choice. He is an avid animal lover, going as far to use Skyhold as a sanctuary for misplaced pets due to the Breach. He can never turn down a dance and enjoys parties more than he admits. Music and poetry are his favorite art forms, though he does enjoy oil paintings. His favorite past time is sleeping, and enjoys reading books by the fire, usually Varric's Hard in Hightown serial.


Brady absolutely hates politics, despite being a talented politician himself. Waking up earlier than required generally leaves him in a sour mood. Corypheus is his least favorite person in the entire world. His perma-stubble comes from a reluctance to consistently shave. His least favorite enemy is demons. His least favorite demon is the despair demon, due to his annoyance from chasing them down after he grapple-chained them closer.



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