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'Magic isn't the root of all evil, but evil has roots into magic. All it has done is destroy. What good has it brought? All it has done is destroy good people, those who didn't deserve their fates.'

== Overview ==

=== '''Physical Appearance''' ===

The stories are true in this much. Berwin, Champion of Kirkwall, is more than six feet and built strongly enough to rival the Qunari he associates with. Gold and amber - he stands out among their red-on-grey, his face marked as strongly as their barbaric, poisonous vitaar. Perhaps it is. I don't know - I didn't dare touch it when challenged. Whatever the Champion was, the man he is...I could have seen either possibility as true. At least he vanished. While Varric says he doesn't know where, there are only two places the man once called Champion would have gone. Destroyed, Blighted Lothering or Par Vollen. If the Maker is merciful, he won't return.

=== '''Personality''' ===

"You want to know about the Champion? Read my book."


"Oh. You want to know about Berwin. Scholar. I...blast, he always did this to me. Messed up. Crazy doesn't start to describe him. He didn't drink. No wine, no ale, nothing. Said it was the refuge of a weak mind, and then he went and converted. You figure him out. A...what, viddithari? Yeah, that, with a mage on his lap. Daisy - I should've stopped her. I hoped she'd brighten him, not that he'd...well."

*clears throat*

"I'm done talking to you."

==='''Talents and Skills'''===

Blood and philosophy...that's all there ever was to him. No humor, no joy...well, he could, but it was always someone else. Maybe he was best with the grey monsters. Killing and torturing grammar. That's all they do, too.


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