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Aurum Lavellan, born 9:16 Dragon, is the Inquisitor. Intelligent, friendly, and overwhelmingly charming, he does his best to get along with everyone he meets, regardless of differences. Though Dalish, he believes in Andrastism, but considers himself part of both cultures.


Physical Appearance

Aurum is quite tall for an elf, with broad shoulders and high, narrow hips. Were it not for his ears and vallaslin, he could very easily pass for a slender human. He has pale gray/brown hair, golden eyes, and a warm olive complexion.

His vallaslin honors Mythal in golden ink along his cheekbones. Many of his scars were gathered during his time as Inquisitor, usually from dragons. Most prominently, he sports scars from the Ferelden Frostback’s teeth in his shoulder, and burns from the Sandy Howler on his left side, just above his hip. 


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Talents and Skills

he smashes flasks on himself and is very good with knives. also he could (and has, according to some rumors) charm the empress of orlais out of her pantyhose with just a smile



Aurum’s parents were alienage elves from Markham who left the city to join the Dalish clan Lavellan. Aurum was born a Lavellan, but his parents passed when he was very young. He has no memories of them.

Growing up, Aurum was a hunter; he had always had a talent with knives, though he could fire a bow just fine. He was naturally friendly, a skilled conversationalist among a clan of elves who were used to being isolated. When he wasn’t hunting, he was visiting human settlements to trade the clan’s goods, spending days at a time in these villages and cities. He found he had a propensity for language, quickly becoming literate in King’s Common. Suddenly, he could read novels, write letters, keep track of inventory in ledgers - and found that he really enjoyed it. He learned as much as he could in settlements, and became a fluent speaker of Antivan, while also being able to carry conversations in Orlesian, Rivaini, and even some Tevene. He loves to read, and devoured any literature he came across.

In these human settlements, he also encountered Chanters from the Chantry. Overtime, he heard the Chant of Light several times over, and realized how thin his connection with Dalish religion had become. He cared little for the apathetic gods of the Elvish Pantheon, and found hope in Andraste’s story. Unofficially, he converted to Andrastism, a development he kept close to his chest - only Keeper Deshana knew, and she kept his secret.

When she sent him to the Conclave to spy on the proceedings, perhaps she knew he wouldn’t come back to the clan - Aurum doesn’t know for sure, and she would never admit it. While spying, Aurum interrupted Corypheus’ plan and became the inadvertent Herald of Andraste.

In another universe, he stayed in Haven the day of the explosion, and Argent Trevelyan became the Herald instead. He becomes an agent of the Inquisition anyway, serving as an ambassador to the Dalish and the Free Marches under Josephine.


  • Allied with the Templars. For Aurum, this was more a political decision than a personal one – as a Dalish elf, he was only affected by the fringe effects of the Mage/Templar War, and thought the Templars would be the more immediate, responsible help in closing the Breach.
  • Kept Celene on the throne. Aurum's goal at the Winter Palace was to stop Orlais from descending into chaos, and keeping Celene on the throne was the clearest solution. He spared Briala and Gaspard.
  • Recruited the Orlesian Wardens. Hell, if they could help, why not? At this point, the Inquisition was a sizable force already; if the Wardens got out of hand, it would be an easy enough situation to control.
  • Drank from the Well of Sorrows. He didn't trust Morrigan, and though not as true a Dalish as his clan wished, he figured he was Dalish enough to speak to his ancestors through weird magic water.
  • Disbanded the Inquisition. Importantly, he didn't do it angrily in an attempt to preserve his reputation among the elite of Thedas. Those relationships will probably prove important in his attempts to stop the Dread Wolf.


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  • Aurum is technically ambidextrous, since he’s been dual-wielding since he exited the womb. He writes and performs most simple tasks with his left hand.
  • Varric’s nickname for Aurum is “Slick”, referencing both his smooth-talking tendencies and his roguish fighting style. Again, there is irony in the name, as it glosses over Aurum’s more amiable habits and crippling self-doubt.


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