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Astraea's spellbook when she joined Elissa's party: Glyph of Paralysis, Glyph of Warding, Glyph of Repulsion, Arcane Bolt, Winter's Grasp, Cone of Cold, Flame Blast, Fireball, Lightning, Shock, Heal, Mind Blast, Force Field, Mana Drain, Mana Cleanse, Vulnerablity Hex, Weakness, Paralyse, Disorient, Drain Life

Spells taught to her by Morrigan: Affliction Hex, Misdirection Hex, Death Hex, Blizzard, Storm of Century Spell Combination, Horror, Miasma, Spell Might. (Morrigan refused to teach her Mana Clash, a very powerful spell against mages and Fade creatures, only offered her instruction ten years later as a wedding gift)

Spells taught to her by Wynne: Rejuvenate, Regeneration, Mass Rejuvenation, Glyph of Neutralization, Tempest, Arcane Shield

(Note: Like all mages, she casted some of her spells more effectively than others.)

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