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Ashara Lavellan is the Inquisitor in the timeline of Fera Tabris and Elaine Hawke.


Physical Appearance[]

Ashara Lavellan is small and slight, even for an elf. With her dark hair and skin, she easily disappears into the shadows, waiting to strike. Her bright blue vallaslin, dedicated to Dirthamen, stands out in striking contrast.


Ashara is a desperate people pleaser.

Talents and Skills[]

In combat, Ashara's skill is archery, honed by years of hunting with her clan. With some high ground and a steady hand, her arrows are a force to be reckoned with.

Outside of combat, Ashara has a deft hand at sewing. She spent many a night with her clan patching and mending clothes and the silks of the aravels. While with the Inquisition, she spent time with the seamstresses, picking up some more delicate stitches and embroidery.

Ashara is also a good mimic. She is quick to assume mannerisms, mostly using this skill to put people at ease.



Ashara Lavellan was born in 9:19 Dragon to two hunters of the Lavellan clan. While growing up, her natural skill at mimicry was discovered, leading her to be chosen to spy on the Conclave.


Sided with mages.

Allied with the Grey Wardens.

Placed Gaspard on the throne with puppet Briala.

Drank from the Well of Sorrows.


After the events of the Exalted Council, Ashara threw herself into learning how to defend herself with a dagger. Despite the concerns of others, she ran herself ragged practicing with Cole and others. She was desperate to prove that she wasn't helpless.

Even though she was so intent on proving herself capable of fighting, she was glad to step back from the front lines. She has happily settled with her husband, Cullen Rutherford.


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