Ashaad Adaar (born around 8:77 Blessed) the father of Inquisitor Aaliyah Adaar. Ashaad is a former Ben-Hassrath spy, the current leader of Ausan's Rogues, and a member of the Inquisition.

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Blood Relatives:

  • Kashaari Adaar:
  • Aaliyah Adaar:

Non Blood Relatives

  • Felvin Lavellan: Shanni's Father, helped raise Aaliyah when Ashaad was kidnapped in 9:26 Dragon
  • Shonda Lavellan (deceased): Shanni's human mother, Midwife to Kashaari, died giving birth to Shanni in 9:16 Dragon
  • Shanni Lavellan:
  • Aniese Cadash (aka Auntie Annie): Friend of the Adaar's, Ausan's Rogues second-in-command

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