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Asala Adaar, a Vashoth Mage who after the events at the Temple of Sacred Ashes, ended up joining the Inquisition and was declared "the Herald of Andraste" -- whether she liked it or not.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

Asala has pale winter-blue eyes and gray skin with a bluish tint to it. Her hair which is normally tied up in a tight bun when she is out in the field is silky smooth and jet black while curling around her face when it's down. Her horns stem off from her face and swirl behind her head, curling in toward each other near the ends.

She has a slim yet hour-glass figure and is small for her race, standing at around 6 feet tall.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Compassionate, shy, honest, patient, slow to trust but is loyal once she does trust you. She is actually quiet clumsy and has trouble keeping secrets around friends.

She usually has walls around herself, hiding her true shy nature as she’s had to learn to be tough since she was a kid — considering what she is.

Talents and Skills[edit | edit source]

She specializes in elemental based magics.

She also likes to sculpt with clay in her spare time.

Biography[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

Asala was raised by her parents until the age of 12 when a fanatic who hated Qunari -- whether they followed the Qun or not -- killed them. In both rage and fear, the young Vashoth electrocuted the man with her magic. Shortly after, she was found by a mercenary group who took her in and raised her as one of them, teaching her how to take care of herself and control her magic better.

While the group was wary about having a Vashoth in their midst -- especially one who could use magic, they grew to accept her. She was also wary about them and she put up walls around her personality to protect herself. Being a Mercenary was also the first time she realized just how deep the hatred for her kind was.

She had begun to settle into being a mercenary and enjoying the life before they decided to send her to the Temple of Sacred Ashes, leading her to become what most people now know her as: The Inquisitor.

In-game[edit | edit source]


Asala was declared the "Herald of Andraste" and while she was unsure if she believed in Andraste. She began to travel through Fereldan and Orlais doing her best to help as many people as she could while carrying on about her duties as inquisitor. She helped free the mages from the Magister and declared the Inquisition would stop Corypheus.

At Halamshiral, Asala united Gaspard, Briala, and Celene to work together for Orlais. Although she hated the whole ordeal of "the Game" she was used to people dancing around things and not saying what they meant in her life.

Afterwards, she, Julliet Hawke, and the others stormed Adamant fortress in order to stop the Wardens from summoning demons to use unwillingly as Corypheus's army. She and her team along with Amenthris Mahariel and Hawke ended up falling into the fade where they encountered Nightmare, the demon who had stolen Asala's memories of what happened at the Conclave. When they were escaping from Nightmare's lair and out of the fade, Hawke stayed behind to buy time for Asala and Amenthris to escape.

Asala and Varric mourned Hawke's sacrifice, and Varric sent letters to Fenris, informing him of what had happened.

There was little time to rest for Asala though, because then she had to prepare for what came next, stopping Corypheus as he tried to reach something called "the well of sorrows" where upon reaching it, she took it upon herself to drink from. She then gained the powers of the well, binding herself to Mythal before she would head off for the final battle with Corypheus.

After defeating Corypheus, Asala spent the next few years following leads on the resting place of the Inquisitor from the first Inquisition as well as investigating a disturbance in the Deep Roads.

Asala Tarot Card.jpg

In between all this, she was listed by a very pissed and grieving Fenris who demanded that she head back into the fade to try finding his wife. She raised no objections to this, despite Ironbull protesting -- he then insisted on accompanying her. They searched the Fade before finally finding Hawke alive and mostly well, although she did have a child of only a couple months old in her arms. The four of them, plus the child, left the fade as soon as possible where there was a joyous reunion and a party for everyone.

Shortly before the events of Trespasser, Asala found out she was pregnant and she kept it secret from Ironbull for a while managed to figure it out for himself and asked her about it. It was during this time that her anchor started acting up, trying to kill her. After meeting with Solas and finding out his plan, she managed to return to the group with her arm while in pain. She found out shortly that the child she'd been carrying had died due to the strain of the anchor's magic and was devastated. She only survived because Ironbull cut her arm off himself to save her life.

Post-game[edit | edit source]

After placing the inquisition under Divine Justinia as Peacekeepers, Asala joined Ironbull and his chargers for his mercenary work. She still keeps in contact with her friends from the Inquisition and she works diligently to try to find a way track down Solas and redeem him -- convince him not to go through with his plan.

She and Ironbull are still going strong and despite what happened to her and Bull's first child, they now have a little boy of their own who she dotes on.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

She managed to become friends with most of the group, or she tried to, although she and Vivienne did not agree on how mages and Templar’s should be treated. This leading them to a tension between them that had Asala avoiding her unless she needed her for something.

Her favorite people -- besides Ironbull and his Chargers -- are Blackwall, Varric, and Cole.

She loves Blackwall's kind nature and how even though he screwed up in his past, he regrets it and wants to become better.

She loves listening to Varric's tales and swapping stories.

She and Cole often will try going around helping people as is their kind nature.

Romance[edit | edit source]

Out of all her friends and relationships, it was Ironbull who managed to finally break her walls. Like her, he was Qunari. And despite her being a mage, he’d never once judged her based on what she was but rather for her choices, opinions, and skill. He didn’t care about her race, gender, or any of that other stuff. It wasn’t long before she found herself falling for him — which then began a streak of her becoming clumsy around him and stumbling over words and just making a total fool of herself. IronBull was able to calm her nervous behavior and show her what it meant to be loved and cared for, finally breaking all the walls she’d had up

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

Asala met both Amenthris Mahariel (the Hero of Fereldan) and Julliet Hawke (the Champion) and is good friends with both of them. It's not uncommon to see the three of them meeting up and hanging out together.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

- Vashoth means "Grey Ones" in Qunlat. Vashoth are not to be mistaken for Tal-Vashoth as Vashoth never grew up under the Qun.

- Asala means "Soul" in Qunlat and is the name of Sten's blade in Dragon Age Origins.

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