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A young mage of Kinloch Hold, Asa Amell was conscripted into the Grey Wardens after attempting to help his friend, Jowan, escape the Circle. Only newly harrowed and inexperienced in the outside world, Asa would nevertheless survive the Blight and become known as the Hero of Ferelden.


Physical Appearance[]

Approximately 5'10, Asa has the perfect posture of someone who's been hounded by stern schoolmistresses for his entire life (which is true to some extent). Asa is very slender, and at 18-years-old, lanky. A ginger, he has red hair and light, slightly downturned green eyes. His complexion is quite pale and his entire body is dusted with freckles. Although very good at maintaining a neutral expression, Asa's emotions can be very easily read by frequent blushing (stupid ginger genes).


Asa, at his core, is a scholar. A childhood spent living in the Circle instilled him with not only a mind suited for academia and research, but a thirst for knowledge of the world outside of a tower. Asa is almost unfailingly polite and sweet-natured, but a lifetime of being called a prodigy has the side-effect of making him unintentionally condescending at times. He is very practical, but also enthusiastic and prone to rambling about his interests.

Talents and Skills[]

An education in the Circle nurtured Asa's intellect. Considered one of Kinloch Hold's brightest apprentices, he excelled in his studies, magical and otherwise. He has a particular affinity for healing magic. As Irving's apprentice, Asa witnessed Circle politics firsthand and sharpened his disarming personality into an ability to charm and persuade. He's good at mathematics, physics, and astronomy, talents which he feels are sadly underused as an adventurer. His skill in herbalism is marginally more useful.



The fourth child of Revka Amell and her husband Diarmuid, Asa was born in Kirkwall in 9:12 Dragon. By the time of Asa's birth, the Amell family's fortunes were already in heavy decline; their money was being whittled away, Leandra ran away with an apostate, and Revka had already bore three children with magical ability. His early childhood was spent under his mother's watchful eye in an empty estate.


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