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"I was told to be a good mage and not to cause trouble when I was six years old. I followed that advice to my detriment, and to the detriment of others. Now I get the chance to not keep my head down, to help and not to ignore those in need- this time I refuse to be the 'good mage that bows to the Templars' and if by helping these people and leading this Inquisition means I'm causing trouble, then fine. I'm causing trouble."  

Ares Trevelyan. The youngest Trevelyan child to Rhea and Atlas Trevelyan. Formerly of the Circle of Ostwick. Was sent to the Circle at the age of six.  

Known as the Herald of Andraste- don't ask.  

Known as the Inquisitor- please ask.  


Physical Appearance[]

Around 5'10, skinny, with shoulder length hair that is red, and purple eyes. Used to have blonde hair and blue eyes, but when his magic manifested, it changed the color of his hair and eyes. 

During the entirety of the Inquisition, he lets his hair grow out- it was down to to the middle of his back before he wound up cutting it short a few months before the events of the Exalted Council.


During his Circle years, Ares was a mage who preferred books and learning magic to dealing with other mages. Or at least that would be what he would say when asked by the First Enchanter during a lesson. In truth, Ares was a mage that essentially isolated from his peers due to several factors: He was from a rich noble family that did their best to see him and keep in touch, he had a brother at the Circle who was a Templar, and he ended up becoming quite deferential to the Templars. 

Ares kept to himself because the mages avoided him and resented him. That turned him into someone who preferred his books. He got along better with the First Enchanter who ended up mentoring Ares, and the  templars than he did with his own people. He was cautious, quiet, observant and reserved- Ares had learned not to put himself out there for friendship because it got rebuffed, and due to his closeness with the templars and his mother's words of caution instilled him, he made sure to present himself as a young mage that was not a threat of any kind. 

Ares is a very smart man, who developed a keen mind for information and knowledge, easily learning any subject before him. He learned to read at the young age of three, and magic came easy for him to learn- which also helped isolate him from other mages. He loved learning, whether it was about the history of Nevarra or a new branch of magic, or a newly created spell- if he knew there was a book on the subject or a way to learn about it, he would be there, nose in said book or working on a way to gain access to the information that was about said subject. He was constanly thirsty for knowledge, curious and inquisitive. He channeled his lonliness into learning.  That and his determination to never give the Templars any cause to worry about him not only isolated him from his peers, but also gave him blinders to the very real problems with the Circle, making himself blind to said problems and refusing to see. 

The Mage- Templar Rebellion/War taught Ares a few things about himself- Something he developed a deep private shame for and only ended up sharing with two people and also helped shape him into the Inquisitor he ended up as- Ashamed about his past of inaction and what he saw as cowardice, Ares wanted to redeem and atone for his past, and his insistince on helping everyone- mage, templar, and regular people of Thedas just further increased the idea that he was indeed the Herald of Andraste (something Ares had no patience with when people called him that, he usually got irritated.) 

Ares became more of his own person when he ended up becoming the Herald and Inquisitor. Driven by his need to atone, as well as doing things he wanted to do that felt right  and natural, he still retained some of his reserved and observant nature, but he also develped quite the sarcastic side to himself, futher encouraged by the friendships he was able to develop. And that was something also helped turn him into a more actual person in his eyes, rather than just what he was supposed to be in the Circle- having friends. 

Ares turned into a very determined and workaholic leader, as well as still a demandingly curious person, who always wanted to know everything and anything he could. As well as fiercely loyal to the friendships he developed and protective of not only those friendships but his advisers and the Inquisition as a whole. He found out that he had no patience for poltics, and didn't like them, and that he has control issues (well not in a relationship at least) and that he's stubborn, but he also likes to give people second chances to atone and redeem (guided by his own need to do so), and his sense of humor doesn't always catch with most. He still likes to observe, he still has some of that reserve, and is very private, but he doesn't fade into the background unless he wants to now and he DOES NOT ignore injustice or abuse. 


Talents and Skills[]

Ares is well versed in magic, easily able to pick up magic or other subject matters without any trouble. He is exceptionally well read and well educated, and seems to have everything come easy for him- which it does to a point.  At least magic and knowledge wise- don't ask him about his attempts to learn archery.

He has attempted to learn other manners of combat, and he's passable in sword skills, but horrific with the bow and while he's ready plenty on non magic combat, he is far more natural with the staff than anything else. 

He is very good at researching thanks to his voracious need to know and to learn. Despite his dislike for some subjects, he became quite skilled in the art of politics and diplomacy although his sarcastic side can get the better of him with those skills. 

Languages is something Ares is very good in, thanks to his natural talent of learning and he is quickly able to adapt and learn a language once he hears it and learns it. He can converse in Tevene, Ancient Tevene, Qunlat, Nevarren, Antivan, and others. It isn't unusual to see Ares sometimes go through several languages while talking to someone, apologizing, and then making sure to stick to Common. 

He is a rift mage, having deciding to learn more about the magic once he witnessed Solas using it, and then deciding because he deals with the magic of the Rifts all the time that he should learn it. Like with all branches of magic that he focuses on (except fire magic- he never learned that branch due to his fear of it) he excelled at it. 

Due to drinking from the Well Of Sorrows, after taking some time to sort out the information in his head and that continues to unfold in his head, he is also becoming quite educated about Elvhen history from an untainted source to to speak. 

Due to his insistence of being involved with every aspect of the Inquisition, Ares became quite knowledgable in military tactics, (thanks Cullen) espionage (thank you Leliana) and diplomacy/politics (thank you Josephine/Dorian) and has been able to take what he has learned in theory into use on the field so to speak.  

He also ended up developing a bit of a green thumb, and was quite good with farming elfroot and other potion ingredients in the Skyhold Garden.  

He is a rift mage, but also specializes in Winter and Storm spells.  



Ares was born into a large, rather devout family in Ostwick. The youngest and last born, he quickly became Rhea Trevelyan's favorite, and he was doted on by the rest of his family. He was a very curious child and intelligent as well, starting to read at the age of three. 

However Ares's life changed at the mere age of six, when his magic manifested.  

Ares watched, fascinated as his hands kept changing colors. He had been seeing it for hours this morning- it was just his hands! But he didn’t want to show Mama yet, he wanted to see what else would happen! But the house was getting crowded; Mars had come to visit! With more people here, he wouldn’t be able to keep it secret though, and he wanted to see what else would happen first before he showed the others.

When others were distracted, Mama was talking with Mars and Tyche, Ares quietly headed back inside and up to his room.

He watched his hands as the colors kept changing.

Blue, red, yellow, green, changing almost every second.

Ares watched as the colours changed, but then, suddenly, everything stopped.

Ares frowned. Why did it stop?

He waited, but nothing else happened. He fidgeted. Why wasn’t anything interesting happening? He could hear the voices- more family! And Father this time.

Well his hands weren’t changing color anymore. He sighs. No point in hiding away; besides Mama would notice soon.

He gets up and wobbles, and Ares puts a hand on the trunk by his head and then…

His eyes widen as the trunk changes color! All of it! And it’s not turning back! He watches as the colors go from his hand to the trunk, turning it red, and and then he sees…. It going up his hand and arm?

It doesn't hurt, but makes his skin feel...weird, like when he gets dirt on it while playing. He feels it rush over him, and he feels himself get warmer, and then he feels it go all the way up to his head. At first it’s warm and he shakes, then…then the warmth fades and he feels fine, just a little cold.

He shakes his head, and grins as he sees his trunk again. Still red! Can he make anything else change color? He looks around his room and races towards the chair by the desk. He places his hand on it, but.. Nothing happens.

Why isn’t anything happening?

He thinks about the colors, and the cold feeling he got after feeling warm and then…

Ares watches, his eyes widening as he sees it, only the chair isn’t changing color now, but...his hand turns cold and it’s…

Ice! He covered his chair in ice!

He begins running around the room in excitement, to see what else he can make change color or turn to ice, and, after doing a couple more things, he comes to a halt in front of the mirror.

Ares looks at himself-

He doesn’t look like the others! He looks different. His hair! Wait, Tyche has the same color now. But his eyes… They’re different too!

His mother Rhea was devastated, not only by this but also by her husband's volatile reaction of denouncing their son. 

Ares sits on the couch, legs curled up, as he hears those voices loudly this time. What was so much fun before, isn’t fun anymore.

Mars looked sad, when he saw. And then…lunch was even worse.

“My son, a mage? No- he is not my son!” He hears Papa yell now.

“Atlas!” Mama yells back.

“This is your fault Rhea!”

A door opens and Ares looks up from the floor to see his sister, the only that before him now, that has red hair. Tyche.

She comes over to the couch and curls up next to him, one arm pulling him close.

“Papa’s angry,” he whispers.

“Yup,” she agrees. “Well, I have to say brat, I’m glad I’m not the only one with red hair.” He feels her ruffle it. “It was so tiresome being the only one and getting the looks.”

Ares sniffs and he feels her hold him tighter.

“It’ll be okay,” she says. “It has to be.”

The yelling continues, then they both flinch as a door slams shut.

It took some persuading and hushed conversations from her son, a templar named Mars, but Rhea was able to see the light, so to speak, in not hiding her son's abilities, and ensure he get the proper training. However she made sure through her noble and Chantry connections, to have her older son Mars escort Ares to the Circle of Ostwick and to also stay stationed at the Circle so Ares would have someone familiar there to keep an eye on him.

Mars’s anger fades as his father storms out of the house and he turns to Mother.

His mother- she looks so sad and worried. She sinks into a chair, her hands covering her face.

He pulls out the chair next to her and sits down.

“I have to take him to the Circle--”

“No!” She drops her hands, grabbing his. “No, please, Mars”

“Mother, you know he has to go.” Ostwick is the closest, and he has his duty, although he aches at the thought of doing so. He’ll end up getting transferred to another Circle most likely.

“He doesn’t not. There are others not in the Circle, we can--”

“Mother,” he says as gently as he can. He can see the heartache in her eyes, even as feels the same pain inside his own heart. Only worsened by Father’s refusal to acknowledge Ares as his own. “It’s too dangerous to do so. He needs to learn how to control it, as well as so many other things. Mages are susceptible to demons without training,  Mother.” She flinches at his words and he knows he has to press. He hates it. He doesn’t want to- but the dangers... “He’ll do well in a Circle. You’ve told me how he likes to read, to learn, at his mind is  like a cloth with spills, just soaking up the information, his tutors have said it.”

She nods. “I’ve… I know it’s needed Mars, but he’s young! And the Circles..I’ve heard some of those stories Neptune and Pluto have shared with Helios during their visits.” she lowers her voice. “And of the troubles in other Circles.”

He has too.

“I understand your fear, he’s my brother, as well as your son. But you saw how Father reacted. The Chantry will censure you if they find out you tried to hide Ares away. I do not wish to see that, nor have Ares in the same room with Father and his views. He needs to be in a safe place.”

Mother closes her eyes, her hands gripping his. “Can you stay at the Circle with him?”

Mars shakes his head. “I can take him there, be the comfort he needs for it, but most likely the Knight Commander and First Enchanter would insist I would be transferred.”

Mother’s jaw tightens. “Well, I can fix that.”

He blinks. “Mother?”

She lifts her chin a little. “If I can’t keep him here, with his family, then I am going to ensure he has someone with him. With everything I’ve given to the Chantry- which includes my children it seems, I am not without some influence. It is time I use it. Give me two days, please. Two days,” she pleads.”I will ensure you can stay at Ostwick, and be there for your brother.”

Ares departed for the Circle, a little nervous and with his mother's parting words burned into his young mind: "Be good. Don't cause trouble, be on your best behaviour. Always do what the templars ask of you and focus on learning." 

Ares took those words to heart, and quickly became known as a very well behaved young man. His teachers praised his intelligence and quick adapatability, and his talent for learning. He made sure to never cause trouble and simply buried himself in books and lessons. His connection to his brother Mars was soon found out by the other mages who then started to distance themselves  from Ares. His deference to the templars also did not help matters, nor his tendancy to just keep his nose stuck in a book to avoid having to see the problems that would occur in the Circle. He promised himself and his mother that he would be a good mage that would cause no trouble and Ares was determined to keep that promise. His lack of action, his deference to the Templars and his obedient nature earned him a derisive nickname among the mages and apprentices in the tower. "The Templars Mage." 

He developed a close bond with his older brother due to the circumstances that pushed them together although Mars was watched closely by the other templars and the Knight Commander to make sure he was not showing any favoritism to Ares. Mars did keep his distance as best he could though while also watching out for his little brother. 

He excelled in most branches of magic, although he avoided fire magic instinctively due to an incident with a fire spell when he was around 10 years old. Another young apprentice ended up casting a wild fireball spell that engulfed the dorm he was in and he was left with a fear of the fire branch of magic and avoided learning that magic. 

Ares was privileged, more so than most mages. as he was able to get visits from family and his family did indeed visit - he got to see his mother and a couple of his siblings about three times a year.He completed his Harrowing at the age of 16 and was being mentored by the Senior Enchanter- it  was expected he would eventually get the position. He

When the rebellion was starting, Rhea tried to talk her sons into coming home in case the rebellion hit the Ostwick Circle but couldn't convince them. However once the Nevarran Accord was annulled, and the war began in earnest, arrangements were made quickly. Their older sister Tyche, along with some of the men in her merncenary company were to meet Mars and Ares at an arranged location and then be guided to a safe house set up by the Trevelyans so that the two brothers could weather the storm of the war from safety. 

The rebellion hit Ostwick Circle before they left however, and it was a harsh and bloody battle (despite so called reports of a quiet and harmless rebellion) that left many dead by the time Mars was able to get Ares and himself to safety. 

In that little safe house Ares remained, until he was asked to be the representative at the Conclave. 

During the time while he and his brother were safely away from all the fighting, the blinders that Ares wore during his time at the Circle were no longer on and he could no longer ignore or simply turn the other cheek. The information that was revealed to him, information he never sought out in the past had been enlightening him and also made him deeply ashamed. Through Tyche and other sources, (The Tale Of the Champion would be one of them) he learned about Kirkwall and other areas of rebellion. 

WIth nothing to do but read, Ares wound up thinking back to events that happened in the Circle of Ostwick. While it was true the Circle tended to be quieter than most, it still had it's share of abuses of power and Ares couldn't help but wonder if he had spoken up, if he had tried to help if things had happened differently. 

While he surprised and unsure of why he was chosen to represent the mages at the Conclave (he certainly hadn't joined the Rebellion) and was nervous at the thought of going, he also looked at this as a chance to do some good, to at least start making up for his passiveness. 

He had no idea just how right he would be. 

  ===== Personal Timeline =====  9:20- Ares is born, the youngest out of 12 children to Rhea and Atlas Trevelyan 

9:26- Ares's magic manifests at the age of 6 and is sent to the Circle of Ostwick

9:36: Ares takes and passes his Harrowing at the age of 16. The First Enchanters takes him under his wing.  

9:37: 17 years old when an Apostate in Kirkwall blew up a chantry.

9:40: The Nevarren Accord was annulled. He was 20 years old. Soon after he and his older templar brother Mars had fled the fighting in the Ostwick Circle and with the aide of his older sister Tyche, they fled to safe home as far away from the Mage-Templar war as they possibly could get. 

9:41- The Conclave Explosion and the formation of the Inquisition. Ares was only twenty when he was given the title of Herald of Andraste, and then had just turned 21 when he was named Inquisitor. 

9:44- Ares is 24 years old at the time the Exalted Council began and the events of Trespasser happened.   


Post Conclave- Haven Setting[]

The explosion at the Conclave rattled Ares. His memories were scattered, hazy, filled with holes and he could only remember bits and pieces of some things, while being able to clearly remember other things. 

He was devestated to hear that so many died. He had wanted to help, to finally do some good, and here he was now, a prisoner with some strange mark on his arm and accusations being flung. Due to that, his usual polite demeanor gave way to sarcasm towards not only Chancellor Roderick but also a bit of antangonism towards Cassandra. 

However he also agreed to help, no matter what, because that was what he wanted to do. No more sitting passively, refusing to take action or acknowledge. He wanted to act. 

However he was not pleased to find out that he was being called the Herald of Andraste and did what he could to deny it every chance he could- which only seemed to make him appear humble to others and apparently made things a bit more bumpier with Cassandra when he told her that he wasn't sure if he believed in the Maker or not. (In truth he didn't, but he wanted to be careful with his words towards her.) 

Despite his dislike of the title, and the fact that he was being used as the face so to speak for the forming Inquisition, he used what he could to his advantage. When he went to the Hinterlands, he reached out to many and helped anyone that needed it. A part of him that was so driven to help realized that he was trying to atone and redeem himself for his past. 

During all of this, Ares was also sensing something was off, that he was missing something. Some of his memories just seemed to be out of his reach and it frustrated him, especially combined with this off feeling. The more he tried to regain these memories, the more they danced out of reach so he tried to put his focus on the Inquisition and helping Josephine, Leliana, Cullen and Cassandra. While also pestering them constantly with questions about themselves and their past.  

He was able to indulge in his curious nature with Varric and Solas, both of them not minding his endless questions although Varric seemed a little exasperated with them. He ended up becoming friends with both of them, finding himself in debates with Solas about many things while also getting as much information about Wolfe Hawke and the events in Kirkwall that he could get from the dwarf.

 Ares recruited a Qunari named The Iron Bull who also ran his own mercenary company called the Chargers, also an elf named Sera who was more human than elf, a mage name Vivienne who he regretted accepting into the Inquisition after one conversation in Haven with her, and a Warden named Blackwall who seemed intent on not satisfying the never ending curious nature of Ares after he faced the clerics in Val Royeaux.  Sera seemed to be put off by Ares's curious nature, but Iron Bull didn't seem to mind and Ares found himself drawn to the Qunari

When Ares was approached by Fiona to go to Redcliffe, he was eager to do so- his first real chance to truly help. While he was a bit anxious at the thought of meeting up with rebel leader and the others, his anxiety was quickly  replaced by worry. 

He met Dorian there, who explained the situation to him. Time magic. And a Tevinter Cult. Two very bad things in one place. 

Which lead to a series of events that forever remained burned into Ares's memory: Being thrown into the future and seeing the chaos and destruction that would take place. 

It also lead to Ares and Dorian being able to fix things and lead to Ares, as the face of the Inquisition and the only one at the time that could make a quick decision, to offering an alliance with Fiona and the mages who were being kicked out of Redcliffe by King Alistair. 

Dorian also ended up joining the Inquisition and thus on the receiving end of Ares's endless questions. For Ares, it was another person he had a connection with and after having no friends for so long, it seemed he now had some and Dorian was definitely in the friend column. 

In Your Heart Shall Burn/Skyhold/Wolfe Hawke[]

Things got serious rather quickly after Ares made an alliance with the mages. He butted heads with Cassandra and Cullen over the decision, but after he pointed out that a decision had to be made and he made it therefore live with it, cooler heads prevailed. 

After the alliance with the mages was made, and word spread how the Inquisition dealt with the rogue pockets of mages and templars in the Hinterlands, as well as saved Redcliffe by kicking out the Tevinter Cult, they started getting noticed. 

And not just by potential allies.

The enemy revealed himself just after Ares and the mages closed the breach. He attacked Haven with a dragon and group of templars that were mutated with red lyrium- the Red Templars, led by a man that Cullen recognized. A former templar named Samson. 

The attack took everyone by surprise, and revealed another new soon to be ally. A strange young man named Cole who had come to warn them. 

After they were able to counter one attack and take shelter in the Chantry, it was revealed by a dying Chancellor Roderick about a hidden pass. Ares told Cullen to get as many people out that way as possible and then chose to confront the enemy himself as a distraction. A part of Ares was scared to do this, knowing he might not live through it but he wanted to do something and help those who came to him for such a thing. 

The confrontation soon lead to Ares being alone, and facing the enemy- An ancient magister named Corypheus who wanted to return Tevinter back to the glory it had once before. Ares was outmatched by the man who had a dragon with him, but through distraction given to him by Corypheus, Ares caused an avalanche, getting the opportunity to run. 

The avalanche almost killed him and it took him two long cold and exhausting days to eventually catch up with the remnants of the Inquisition. He was hurt, cold, exhausted and had passed out just as he found them. He had remained unconcious for a couple days recovering while the others argued about where to go next. 

During their pause in travels, Solas in a quiet confidence revealed some information about the Orb that Corypheus possessed and had tried to use to remove the anchor from Ares. Solas told Ares it was elven, and knowing how the others might react, Ares promised to keep quiet about it, wanting to let his friend know that the information was safe.

Their travels and need for shelter lead them to Skyhold, a fortress that would be able to not only handle the growing Inquistion but also any possible future attack from Corypheus. 

Unbenownst to Ares, Varric had sent word to Wolfe Hawke about the news of Corypheus still be alive. A few days after their arrival at Skyhold, he sent another message to the mage who had begun travelling to meet them, letting him know where Skyhold was. The Champion of Kirkwall had found the road that was being made for pilgrims and traveler, and arrived at Skyhold just as things were being set up. 

Varric informed Ares, when he and the advisors were discussing on what to do next and how to fight Corypheus that he had a friend that could help in the area regarding Corypheus. 

After Ares and Wolfe met, word spread quickly that the Champion Mage was there. A fall out between Cassandra and Varric happened, which Ares had to intervene in.  Wolfe revealed what he knew about Corypheus and also revealed there seemed to be trouble with the Wardens. 

So the Inquistion had two matters to deal with- Preventing Empress Celene's assasination that was being plotted by Corypheus (A step that was revealed thanks to Ares's brief trip into the future) and whatever plot was happening with the Wardens. Not only that, more and more were coming to the Inquisition for their help- dipsutes that needed to be settled, alliances that were being offered, and the fortress being repaired and worked on. 

It was here also when Ares started learning a new branch of magic: Rift magic.

Here Lies The Abyss/Wicked Eyes, Wicked Hearts/ And A Burgeoning Romance[]

While Josephine and Leliana were concentrating on trying to get an in with the Empress, Ares and the others focused on the Wardens and helping those who needed it. They travelled to Crestwood to not only meet with the warden contact of Wolfe Hawke, but also set out to help the people of Crestwood who were besieged by the undead and bandits taking over a fortress. 

The warden contact of Wolfe Hawke turned out to be Warden Stroud, the warden the Champion had contact with once before. Stroud soon revealed what was happening: All the Wardens in Orlais were experiencing the Calling, and he believed it to be a false calling engineered by Corypheus in some way. It appeared Corypheus could manipulate and control wardens, a revelation that had been first brought up by Wolfe. And somehow he was now infuencing the Wardens another way. 

Stroud revealed that the Warden Commander Clarel started doing things he had objected to and then had been forced to run from his Order. Further investigation into the Wardens took them to the Western Approach where answers were revealed:

Magister Livius Erimond, a Venatori, was working with Corypheus by manipulating the Wardens. He had them convinced through the False Calling that they needed to create a demon army. Through isolation, fear, desperation and pride, Erimond and Corypheus were corrupting the wardens and making it easier to control the mage wardens when they had them bound to demons. 

Erimond managed to get away after the confrontation but not for long. The Inquisition Army, lead by Ares and Cullen found out where the Wardens were hiding: Adamant Fortress and proceeded  to lay seige to the fortress, as Ares and the others attempted to stop the current ritual from taking place. 

Ares managed to get through to Warden Commander Clarel, who finally saw through the deception and turned on Erimond. A fierce battle continued to rage, as Corypheus's dragon had appeared as well. During the battle, Ares and his group containing Iron Bull, Dorian, Varric, Stroud and Wolfe Hawke fell through a giant rift and into the Fade. 

It was revealed during their stay in the Fade, that the demon that Erimond was trying to bring into the world was the Nightmare Demon, a large monstrosity that had been responsible for the False Calling. Also- Ares ended up regaining his memories while in the Fade which revealed who was behind the explosion at the Conclave and the deaths of so many:

Corypheus and the Wardens he was controlling. 

Not only that, Ares's memories being restored also revealed something he wasn't prepared for: the death of his brother Mars who had been with him when they interrupted the ritual.  

Ares did his best to hold back his emotions as he was flooded with memories that had been hidden from him for so long and focused on the current situation. He stopped the  arguing between an increasingly angry Wolfe Hawke and Warden Stroud and they worked on getting out of the Fade and stopping the Nightmare.

In the end, they were blocked by the Nightmare Demon from making a clean escape, and after a debate that was ended by Stroud simply telling Hawke that there was no decision to be made, Stroud ran off after the Nightmare Demon to be the distraction for Ares and the others to escape. Ares and his group were able to escape in time and when he emerged from the Fade banished the demons that the remaining Wardens and his army were fighting. 

Revealing Stroud's sacrifice, he offered an alliance with the Wardens who had been left effectively leaderless. The Wardens gladly accepted. Ares later revealed his reasons for the alliance- They may be a danger due to Corypheus's influence, but now they can be there to put down any problem personally in case the danger rises again. But he also said the Wardens needed a chance to redeem themselves, something that Ares was very much big on- if someone could atone for a mistake, and he had the resources to ensure it, he made sure it can be done.

Wolfe Hawke only stayed for a little while longer- during their trek to Adamant and the battle that took place, his lover Fenris and his brother, who was also a Warden were currently waiting for them at Skyhold. They had arrived after hearing about Wolfe coming to help. The young Champion Mage stayed to talk to Varric, revealed he was heading to Weissheupt with his brother and Fenris. He offered to stay in touch with Ares which Ares accepted. 

Just as Wolfe left for Weissheupt, Leliana and Josephine revealed they had an in to help Celene and Orlais. The civil war had finally caused so many problems that Josephine revealed a Grand Masquerade is being held in Halamshiral, with the peace talks between the Empress and her cousin taking place, as well as a third party- an elf named Briala who had been leading the elves during the Orlesian Civil War. 

Josephine revealed that the cousin who is the other party in the civil war, Grand Duke Gaspard de Chalons has agreed to have the Inquisitor as his guest at the ball. 

Ares having only had a little experience with politics, quickly asked for help in this matter from Dorian, Josephine and Leliana. Before they left for Halamshiral, Ares talked with Leliana about the Hero of Fereldan once more- Leliana had talked about her briefly when they were in Haven. He wanted to know if Leliana could find the hero, Queen Ashleigh Cousland Theirin, and see if she could help with their efforts against Corypheus. 

He went to Halamshiral with Dorian, Iron Bull and Varric, and turned to Josephine and Dorian when needed, but was able to handle himself reasonably well despite the fact he realized he truly despised politics and didn't care for Orlesin Politics in general. 

Soon Ares was able to uncover who the assassin would be: Florianne, a cousin to the Empress who had fallen for Corypheus's temptations. She attempted to have Ares and his companions killed, but failed as she would soon find out when Ares arrived in the ballroom, and then proceeded to reveal everything and screwing up her plans. 

He  then proceeded to chew out Gaspard, Celene and Briala over their schemes, and forced them into a truce to end the war and have peace, effectively ruining any plans that Corypheus had. 

As a result of his actions, he was also informed by Morrigan who he had met earlier, that she was joining the Inquisition. Already leery of her due to Leliana's comments earlier about her, Ares was not entirely pleased about it. The night ended however, with a dance with the Iron Bull, which fanned the flames of gossip about two of them, who had recently confirmed their commitment with each other earlier.

A couple days after coming back to Skyhold, Leliana recieved word about the Hero of Fereldan, and Ares got a letter from her, informing him that she currently could not help with his fight against Corypheus and that she was currently on an important mission of her own and asked him to make sure to help keep his Kingdom safe.   

Throughout all of this, in between the investigations with the Wardens and getting involved with the Orlesians Civil war, something else was brewing. The friendship between Iron Bull and Ares veered into other territory- a relationship of sorts in the beginning that was casual but revealing, especially for Ares who had no prior experience beforehand. The relationship itself didn't firmly get put into stone though until after the disastrous attempt to form an alliance with the Qunari on the Storm Coast. It had failed, as Ares helped back up Iron Bull in regards to saving the Chargers over the dreadnought, and apparently by doing so the Qunari declared Iron Bull Tal Vashoth.    

Ares made sure to let Iron Bull know that being declared it didn't change who he was, and that in his mind Iron Bull is still a good man. Soon after that, things got more personal between them. It didn't get committed however until Ares made the Kadan necklace out of a dragon fang from one of the dragon fights he got involved with. He gave it to Iron Bull after they were... outed.. in a way when Cullen, Josephine and Cassandra walked in on them.    

After Wicked Eyes, Wicked Hearts:[]

 After resolving the crisis in Orlais, leads on Corypheus dried up, despite Morrigan's assistance. Despite his initial wariness of her, Ares's unending curiosity drove him to ask questions about her time fighting the Blight with the Hero of Fereldan. Some of her answers, with sadness tinged in her tone, made him even more curious but he also realized to back off.

Other matters popped up- dealing with the Red Templars, investigating templars, finding out the secret to Samson and his armor, helping his companions and friends with their own problems, dealing with Bianca who turned out to be the person that let red lyrium out into the world. 

At one point, Ares ventured into the Deep Roads as an earthquake collapsed several lyrium mines. Due to their alliance with Orzammar, and the fact that they are a key provider of their lyrium supplies it was suggested Ares handle the situation as quickly as possible. His advisers promised to send word at once if Corpypheus popped up. 

The Deep Roads adventure was quite the adventure in deed. Fight masive amounts of Darkspawn, and venturing into unknown territory, and learning more about the history of the dwarves, the knowledge hungry Ares was in his element. 

In the end the events that occured and took place are still unknown, the scrolls that have the information written down and all correspondence regarding them are sealed and stored away. It is the same with the Shaperate in Orzammar. According to unknown sources the Shaperate created a set of memories that is only for the King of Orzammar to see. 

Further conversation with Morrigan revealed what she thinks Corypheus may be after next- An Eluvian, an ancient piece of elven history. 

Another thing that was going on was the Chantry was making progress on who to elect for the new Divine, and Ares was informed two of his own had been thrown into consideration: Leliana and Cassandra. Not too long after, Vivienne revealed she was interested. Ares himself was quite surprised to hear his own opinion on the situation mattered considering how he felt about the Chantry in general. 

Ares ended up also helping Cassandra out with the Seekers. Tracking the Lord Seeker down to where he was hiding and dealing with the Order of Fiery Promise, not to mention fight the Lord Seeker himself. He helped Casssandra come to terms with the things she founds out in the book of secrets that the Lord Seeker had, and then talked to her about what she wanted to do, especially in regards to the Seeker Order. 

He helped Josephine restore her family name, helped Cullen with his lyrium addiction, covincing the man to stay off of it, and caught Cassandra with one of Varric's books, and helped Solas out with a matter regarding a spirit friend of his and helped Cole with his dilemma, and the fallout from what happened with Blackwall. 

Then they got word of where Corypheus was going to strike next- The Arbor Wilds. 

The Arbor Wilds- The Temple of Mythal[]

With their allies assistance, and their resources, the Inquisition struck at the Red Templars in the Arbor Wilds. It was a long brutal battle for Ares, Solas, Dorian and Iron Bull to get to the temple, even with Morrigan's assistance. 

Their travels in the temple was something else, and looking back on it Ares wished they had more time to explore. However, dealing with Morrigan and Solas's bickering was the main issue Ares had to contend with at first, then it faded as he later had to deal with the  Sentinals. 

Despite Morrigan's protests, he forged an alliance with the Sentinals, to fight the Red Templars and keep them from getting to the Well of Sorrows. Ares was also during this time starting to trust Morrrigan even less than he originally did. 

On the way to the Well, they finally had a confrontation with Samson, which thanks to Dagna and her rune, went a lot easier than expected, and he had the man arrrested to deal with later. 

At the Well of Sorrows, a decision had to be made. Who to drink from the Well? Solas refused, so did Dorian. Morrigan had offered to do so willingly and hungrily, and Ares wasn't quite trusting that look in Morrigan's eyes. 

For the Knowledge Hungry Ares though, he wanted to drink. He always valued knowledge and learning, and his mind skipped right over the downside to drinking from the well (AKA: being enslaved to a possible elven god) and after some debate, he drank from the Well of Sorrows.     

Imagine his shock and surprise when he finds out that Mythal is actually real and alive- who he meets in the Fade when Morrigan's son had run off to through an Eluvian. And the fact by drinkin from it, she can command him. (Didn't think that through, did you Ares? No, you knowledge hungry idiot you had to drink from the Well.) 

Through drinking from the Well, they find out the means to defeat Corypheus. Kill his dragon first. 

After defeating Mythal's Guardian Dragon, Corypheus decided to make one final desperate attack against the Inquisition, before the rest of their forces had come back. 

Ares, with Iron Bull, Dorian and Varric at his side, fought back against Corypheus. They defeated his dragon and in the end Ares defeated Corypheus.

The celebration had a tinge of sadness to it though with the disappearance of Solas, who Ares had held in very high regard. But Ares reasoned that Solas would appear again, and focused on celebrating Corypheus's defeat and what to do next with the Inquisition.      

Jaws Of Hakkon-[]

 One of the main things Ares and the Inquisition handled after the defeat of Corypheus, was the problem in the Frostbacks- an Avvar group called the Jaws of Hakkon. 

It started with them helping a Professor researching Ameridan, the last known Inquisitor. A chance for Ares to learn more history about the Inquisiton and a past Inquisitor, he jumped at the chance for it. 

He formed a good relationship with the Avvar of Stone Bear Hold, admiring Svarah Sun-Hair who ended up aiding him and the Inquisition against the Jaws of Hakkon which revealed to be a long running plot first formed when Ameridan had been investigating it so long ago. 

Ares and his companions were able to trace Ameridan's last footsteps, and finally freed him from the spell he had used to lock him and Hakkon in. It was revealed that Ameridan was an elf, who followed both the Andrastian religion and the religion of the Dalish, while also being friends with Drakon. Sadly, Ameridan died and Ares fought Hakkon. 

He revealed the truth to the Professor, Bram Kenric, who vowed to make sure the information was not suppressed. 

Afterwards, when Ares returned to Skyhold, an incident happened that started to cause some worry in the back of his mind- the magic from the anchor on his hand trembled and flared, causing him some brief pain. 

Events That The Inquisition Took Part In
  • The Inquisition And The Riviani Wardens-Information About These Events Are Currently Sealed And Will Be Released In Time
  • The Inquisition And The Underground Mage Rebellion- Information About These Events Are Currently Sealed And Will Be Released In Time
  • The Inquisition And The Assasination Attempt On The Inquisitor- Information About These Events Are Currently Sealed And Will Be Released In Time
  • The Chargers And Lady's Luck Mercenary Companies Work Together To Take Care Of An Unknown Threat- Information About These Events Are Currently Sealed And Will Be Released In Time. 
The Exalted Council- Trespasser- Two years Later[]

This is not a period of time Ares remembers fondly. 

Not only did he lose his arm, he has a friend that is trying to undo the world, and he had two countries trying either leash his organization or make him disband it. Prior to losing his arm, the anchor on his hand was starting to act up even more so. Before then, there were little flares here and there, but when he arrived at Halamshiral the pain in his hand arm intesified and it took all of his willpower not to let it show during the proceedings. 

The bright side of it was that he got to catch up with some of his people who had left the Inquisitor for their own varied reasons a couple months before hand. He got the key to the city of Kirkwall from Varric (and a note attached from Wolfe telling him if he has the chance to burn the city to the ground, take it), he had an awkward spa event with Vivienne, who acted like they hadn't parted on bad terms, a nice talk with Blackwall, an interesting talk with Cassandra, an .... night of supposed entertainment with Josephine, time with Iron Bull and the Chargers and caught up with Dorian who revealed his new position and gave Ares a crystal so they could still keep in touch. 

When the proceedings for the Exalted Council were halted due to a death of a Qunari, Ares was actually secretly grateful. He was close to losing his temper a couple times, something he had never done before, as he had a habit of always trying to stay composed. He was taking the accusations quite personally and wasn't happy with any of it and was feeling quite protective of the Inquisition. (Not to mention what was going on with the anchor/his hand.) 

What Ares didn't expect was what investigating one death would lead to. Or reveal.

A plot by the Qunari and a plot by the elves. 

A threat Orlais, Fereldan on one side, and a threat against Thedas on the other side. 

And as a side effect, Ares could feel the anchor was doing more than flaring up, he could feel it seeping all through him, taking his energy, slowly taking his life- he was dying. (Which made that marriage conversation he had with Iron Bull earlier a little bittersweet.) 

The plots took him from one of the world to other it felt, to the Deep Roads and beyond, and eventually to..Solas. 

A Solas that had a lot to explain because Ares wasn't dumb and he was able to figure out some pieces of it himself. 

What he didn't expect was Solas's conrol over the anchor. He was able to stop it's  flaring up and explain what Ares had figured out. He was Fen'Harel, and he intended to tear down the Veil and restore his people, at the cost of this world. 

After telling Ares about the spies in the Inquisition, giving the young man some news to think about, he also in the end, took the anchor from Ares, saving Ares's life yet again. 

Ares made a vow to stop Solas, said he was going to prove him wrong and he took Solas's response to that to heart.

Solas then left, unlocking the Eluvian that prevented Iron Bull, Dorian and Varric from coming in. 

The group made it back to Halamshiral, where Ares was hustled off to an infirmary to be seen to by healers. Solas's magic removed the anchor and most of his arm and the healers worked to remove the little left that could not be saved.  While Ares was healing and resting, the Inquisition revealed to the Exalted Council what took place. 

In the midst of the arguments, Ares had finally recovered from the shock of everything, dressed and went to address the Exalted Council.  In a rare loss of temper, Ares finally had enough and let loose. He called out the leaders of Orlais and Fereldan, telling them if it wasn't for the Inquisition they wouldn't be here now arguing. He repeated back what Cassandra once said in the beginning, and then announced the Inquisition disbanded and that if they wanted to continue arguing do so, but he needed to go and save the world, again. 


The Inquisition Timeline from 9:41 to 9:44 []


Inquisition Events in the months of Drakonis/Cloudreach- The explosion of the Conclave, a survivor is found leaving the fade. An attempt to seal the Breach is made, and the Inquisition is reborn in a declaration made by Cassandra Penteghast. The survivor of the explosion has been named the Herald of Andraste by those who believe he was found and saved by Andraste. His name is Ares Trevelyan, a mage from the former Circle of Ostwick. 

The Inquisition starts to build more firmly, recruiting from all over. Cassandra Pentaghast is considered the de facto leader, while Cullen Rutherford is in charge of training their small but growing army and the former Left Hand of the Divine is reported to be the spymaster. The Herald of Andraste is in seen in the Hinterlands, helping the refugees and fighting the pockets of rebel mages and rebel templars. He is seen accompanied by an elf, a dwarf, and Cassandra Pentaghast. 

The Herald of Andraste is seen meeting with a group of Clerics in Val Royeaux. The Templars abandon the city. It is reported the Herald and his companions were approached supposedly by the leader of the mage Rebellion, Fiona. The Iron Bull and the Chargers are recruited into the Inquisition, as well as Lady Vivienne and a young elven woman by the name of Sera. 

Inquisition Events In the Month of Bloomingtide: A Grey Warden by the name of Blackwall is seen at Haven, and word spreads that a Warden has joined the Inquisition and that the Inquisition is looking into the disappearance of the Wardens. The Herald goes to Redcliffe according to sources to meet with the rebel mage leader Fiona. Events that are not clear to anyone except the Inquisition clearly take place and soon the rebel mages are revealed to be in an alliance with the Inquisition. Word spreads about an involvement of a Tevinter Cult and King Alistair kicking the mages out of Redcliffe. 

Haven is soon attacked by, at the time, an unknown enemy, a rogue group of templars and a dragon. The Herald was seen facing off with the unknown enemy and dragon and an an avalanche occured. The Herald was originally presumed dead, but he soon appeared to the travelling Inquisition, injured and exhausted. There is rumors of a Tevinter Magister that aided them in a fight and apparently one other, but no one could remember. 

Inquisition Events in the month of Justinian: Word soon spreads of a new holding for the Inquisition, and a path is soon born out by wagons and travelers to a fortress called Skyhold.

The Herald of Andraste, Ares Trevelyan, is officially made the Inquisitor. It is done on apparently his birthday. He is 21 years old. Wolfe Hawke, Champion of Kirkwall makes an appearance at Skyhold and seems to join the Inquisition.

Word travels the Inquisition is investigating the Wardens. And the name of the enemy is revealed: Corypheus. A Magister of Ancient Tevinter, one of the Magisters the supposedly reached the Golden City. 

The Inquisition grows as more flock to it and it's influence is now reaching the Chantry and swaying the Mothers. 

The Inquisition Events In the Month of Solace: The Warden Fortress, Adamant, is attacked by the Inquisition. It is revealed later on that the Wardens of Orlais had been manipulated by a Tevinter Magister that was part of the Cult that had attacked King Alistair and also took over Redcliffe. The Inquisitor was reported to have disappeared into a fade rift with his companions, then came back banishing them all and saving the Wardens. He offered an alliance to the Wardens, despite the dangers. It is reported by sources that a Warden that had helped the Inquisition with their investigation died in the Fade to give them time to get out. 

The Inquisition Events in the month of  August : The Inquisition foils an attempt on Empress Celene's life, and also helps end the civil war in Orlais. Other smaller matters seem to take up the Inquisition's time as rumors flied about a possible alliance with the Qunari. Apparently it was considered but in the end did not go through. (At this time rumors and gossip were spreading about a relationship between the Herald and The Iron Bull- apparently those rumors were fanned by the sight of the Herald and The Iron Bull dancing at the Winter Palace.) Other matters also seem to take the Inquisition's attention- Verchiel, the Emerald Graves, the Exiled Plains, and other regions of Orlais. 

The Inquisition Events In the Month of Kingsway: The Inquisition was heard to have gotten in touch with the missing Queen of Fereldan. Sources claimed she sent a letter to the Inquisitor and offered advice. A former companion to the Queen and Hero of Fereldan, a witch named Morrigan, has joined the Inquisition. The Inquisitor was rumored to have entered abandoned temples once belonging to the Elves. Information that revealed the events about the Red Crossing were found. Activity with the army, and talks with Emperess Celene increase with urgency. The Chantry announces that the former Left and Right Hands of Divine Justinia are being considered for Divine and the Inquisitor is asked for his opinion, which he refuses to give at the time. 

The Inquisition Events In the Month of Harvestmere/Firstfall: The Inquisition is involved in a series of events involving the Dwarves, Orzammar and the Deep Roads. The details of said events are still unknown. 

The Inquisition Events In the Month of Haring:  The Inquisition helps with peace talks between Orlais and Fereldan. The Wardens help with Darkspawn outbreaks, and Red Templar holdings are ransacked and destroyed. According to sources, Corypheus is on the defensive. 


Inquisition Events In The Month Of Wintermarch:  The Inquisition is marching to the Arbor Wilds where it has been said Corypheus is going for a valuable artifact that will help him gain the power he needs. 

There is a long battle in the Arbor Wilds where it is revealed the Inquisition is successful in keeping the artifact out of Corypheus's reach. Other matters are also attended to as the Inquisitor and a few in his retinue make their way back to Skyhold. 

The Inquisition Events In the Month of Guardian: Corypheus attacks the Inquisition and the Herald/Inquisitor is successful in defeating Corypheus. Leliana, the Left Hand of the Divine is elected Divine, after The Inquisitor puts in his word in favor of the woman. 

The Inquisition Events From 9:42-9:44

The Inquisition is instrumental in dealing with several events in not only the Frostbacks, but also helping the Riviani Wardens with a task, and helping rebuild Orlais and the Fereldan Hinterlands. Due to the successful defeat of Corypheus and their handling of other events it is not surprising how large and influential the Inquisition has become as the people begin to look to them for the issues at hand, rather than Orlais or Fereldan. 

Inquisition Events In the Month of August, 9:44: The Exalted Council is formed to supposedly bring the Inquisition to task. Orlais is rumored to want the Inquisition as part of their Empire, while Fereldan apparently wants it disbanded. 

It was overheard that the Inquisitor originally was said that he was not interested in disbanding but he also wasn't interested in being part of the Orlesian Empire. Events ended up transpiring that interrupted the proceedings, and most of them are still unknown except what happened at the end of the Council-

The Inquisitor had lost an arm, the arm that held the anchor and marked him as Chosen by Andraste. According to a source, a former elven companion was responsible as well as a rogue element of the Qunari that were disavowed by the Qunari leadership. The Inquisitor, Ares Trevelyan, disbanded the Inquisition but not before delivering an angry, blistering dressing down of both the Orlesian and Fereldan Representatives. 

Rumors are flying that the Inquisitor is currently in hiding, recruiting people he can trust and is secretly backed by Divine Justinia in his search for the elven companion that apparently was behind some of the events that are still unknown. 


Decisions Made During The Game[]
  1. Recruited For Agents of the Inquisition: Ellendra, Corporale Vale, Clemence, Ritts, Tanner, Horsemaster Dennett, Speaker Anais, Lord Berand, Sky Watcher, The Blades of Hessarian, Belle, Loranil, Michel de Chevin, Fairbanks, Jana, Frederic. 
  2. Recruited for Inquistion Through Judgements: Servis, Movran The Under, Florianne de Chalons (who later died doing a mission for Leliana), and Gereon Alexius. 
  3. Allied with the Mages.
  4. Declared the Inquisition for Order. 
  5. Stroud stayed behind in the Fade and Allied with the Wardens. 
  6. Saved the Chargers  
  7. Saved Empress Celene and ended the civil war with a three way truce. 
  8. Allied with the Sentinels. Drank From The Well. 
  9. Captured All The Keeps. 
  10. Killed Ishmael. 
  11. Kept Cullen off Lyrium, helped restore Josephine's House by doing the favors for the Du Paraquettes, Softened Leliana, learned about Samson's armor and then destroyed it.
  12. Leliana made Divine. 
  13. Jaws of Hakkon: Discovered and met Ameridan, Killed Hakkon and Earned a legend mark from the Avvar, and Shared the truth about Ameridan.  



Ares angrily disbanded the Inquisition- In the beginning he wanted to keep the Inquisition going. He was very protective of the organization, and of course he enjoyed being the Inquisitor. He saw his position as being able to help those who needed it. He viewed it as a position where he could do the things he was too afraid of to do before and it became a big part of himself, especially since he was big on redeeming/atoning. 

But he viewed the complaints from Fereldan as a personal insult and he also viewed Orlais's attempt to put a leash on the Inquisition as an insult as well. He didn't really understand their anger, they saved both of those countries and they were merely continuing to do for others what couldn't be done by others: Helping people, resolving conflicts and doing good things. 

However the events of Trespasser and the revelation that were not just Qunari spies but also spies working for Solas were all throughout the organization, the reveal that the Inquisition he and the others helped build was slowly becoming problematic and corrupt hurt Ares deeply. He did not want to be part of the problem, he wanted to be solving the problem. 

After he lost his arm, Ares was grateful to be rid of the anchor, the visible mark that while elevated him to a place in life that enabled him to help people was gone. He was never comfortable with it, didn't enjoy being called the Herald of Andraste (especially after the events that took place in Adamant and the Fade) but had accepted that the people who saw him as such couldn't be swayed from doing so and had been resigned to that part of his life. No longer having that mark sort of lifted a great deal of weight off his shoulders. However he learned from spreading gossip that the believers and followers of the Inquisition firmly still believed he was Chosen. They still believed he was the Herald and he was simply being tested by Andraste and the Maker, to see if he can still fight evil without the mark that was bestowed on him. 

It took him a little while to get used to having lost his arm and he was grateful he was a Mage. While he had to work on his balance, he was still able to cast magic. 

So after the events with the Exalted Council, where he called them out on the fact that if it hadn't been for him and the Inquisition their countries would still be in chaos or civil war, he declared the Inquisition disbanded and then said he was needed elsewhere, then left. 

At first he and those in his circle went back to Haven to plot and find ways to gather more allies so they can stop Solas and help his elven friend see reason. But eventually, Ares had them pick up and move to another location- the safe house that he and his brother lived in when they were in Nevarra. It  was located in the Fields of Ghislain, isolated and not well known and the perfect place to form a better plan. 

And that is what Ares is currently doing with his inner circle: Adjusting to life with one arm, honing his magic, and quietly recruiting and planning to stop Solas. He is still adjusting to the new course of events in his life, as being Inquisitor was a huge part of his identity. 

As for personal life- He and Iron Bull, despite some teasing, didn't get married, but might as well be considered married. His family (minus the father) has accepted the relationship and welcomed Iron Bull into it, despite some tension from the rivalry Iron Bull has with his sister Tyche. 


The Advisers/Inner Circle[]

Cullen: Ares wasn't really sure of Cullen at first. He had heard the stories of what happened in Kirkwall, read the Tale of the Champion and was rather hesitant to talk to Cullen at all in the beginning. But his curiosity overrode his caution and he ended up warming up to Cullen after a couple conversations. While he still had his reservations, considering Cullen's history with mages, he could see and identify with the guilt that Cullen had within him and also see that Cullen wanted to do something that mattered. Cullen's passion for the Inquisition to actually do some good while everyone else just bickered and wouldn't act impressed Ares. Ares also privately thought Cullen's guilt over his past also drove him and it took a long time before Ares brought that up to Cullen. 

Cullen and Ares developed a friendship while playing chess. He had watched a game between Dorian and Cullen and wanted to learn the game. Cullen taught him the game and they had a tendency to play a game before discussing anything else. 

He also encouraged Cullen to stay off the lyrium, and relied on Cullen a lot when it came to the military branch of the Inquisition. He valued Cullen's insights and appreciated it when Cullen didn't get annoyed when Ares required explanations and tolerated Ares's hands on approach to a point- unlike Leliana and Josephine, he wouldn't let Ares travel with his men when they were sent on missions, one of the few things they argued about. 

Cullen and Ares's friendship took a stronger turn during a course of events that had them dealing with a lot of things together, cut off from others and having to rely on the other to survive said events. (Will go into detail later)  

Cullen ended up being one of the very few people Ares kept by his side after he disbanded the Inquisition, having developed an intense loyalty with the mage.  

Leliana: They got off on the wrong foot so to speak when he ended up surprising himself by interfering in a conversation he overheard her have with one of her agents- He asked her to spare the agent she wanted dead, and while she didn't care for his advice, in the end she did so. It was the first instance of someone actually listening to Ares and doing what he asked even though he honestly had no good reason at that point and time to actually offer his own two cents on matters.  

An earlier conversation with her revealed her hurt and anger to him. He could see she was very devout and had devoted her life to Divine Justinia and to the Chantry and that she was angry at so many deaths. While he rebuffed the whole "Speak for Andraste" bit, he did offer his sympathies.  

After the conversation regarding the agent, he made a point to stop in and visit her when he could. He had a tendency to do, what Varric later called them, The Rounds, where he visited people and talked with them, usually pestering them with questions. When he realized she had fought in the Fifth Blight and personally knew the Hero of Fereldan, Queen Ashleigh Cousland-Theirin, he couldn't stop the questions. He did notice she tended to be sad when talking about Ashleigh, and later on after they had contacted the Hero, she revealed to Ares that the once close friendship she had with the woman was no longer what it was and the last time they spoke it ended with harsh things being said.  

Ares never told Leliana about his past (something he only shared with Dorian and Iron Bull) but a part of him deep down sensed she knew, it was her job to know. But she never said anything and he never asked.  

Due to his curious nature combined with his workaholic tendencies and the want to be involved with everything, he ended up having meetings with her about several of her operations and even with with her agents on a few missions. While there was a good portion of things she kept from him for his own sake, as she told him, she had no problem having him involved in the other parts.  

He made sure to tell her after the attack on Haven that she was not at fault, and also revealed to her what the Spirit in the Fade said.  

Despite the fact that he was not religious and she was, they managed a comfortable friendship, and she never judged him for not believing.   

Josephine: Before Dorian came into the picture, Ares had very little knowledge and experience with poltiics. He never joined any of the fraternities in his Circle (mainly due to the fact he saw that as causing trouble and also not many people in his Circle liked him) and Josephine was the one that started guiding him through it. Even in the beginning, when he was just the Herald and mainly considered an agent or figurehead for the Inquisition, the nobles who came to Haven wanted to meet with him.  

Since Ares was the most visible out of everyone in the Inquisition, Josephine sought to use that visibility. She made sure to tell him what she knew about each noble before he met them, and made sure to introduce him to each one. She noticed as he got more of a understanding of politics, he came to dislike politics even more but also noted how well he was able to hide his distaste.  

When Dorian came to join the Inquisition, he started adding his own experience in politics to Ares's lessons, and so Josephine's duties became a bit less stressful and she was able to fully concentrate on other matters. 

Ares and Josephine never developed a closeness with each other like Ares did with Cullen or Leliana, but they did have respect for each other.  

Cassandra: While they had a rocky beginning, in the end Cassandra was part of the close circle of friends that Ares was able to develop. He helped her with her unfinished business and encouraged her to reform the Seekers. While she disapproved of most of his actions, in the end she revealed she had a great deal of respect for him. It took her a while for her to open up to him, and he to her, but they found common ground. Their main point of contention between each other was mainly belief- Ares didn't, she did.  

Tasven Lavellan Cousland joined the Inquisition after the events at Redcliffe, when Ares with the help of Dorian, Iron Bull and Varric, stopped Alexius's plans and saved the mages. After they had left, King Alistair had spoken to the elf and asked him to represent Ferelden's interests in the Inquisition, as Alistair was still wary of the organization and wanted to know what was going on from someone he could trust. Tasven was Queen Ashleigh Cousland's bodyguard when she was child, and then her trainer, before eventually taking on other roles after she married Alistair.  

Ares and Tasven were wary of each other at first, especially as Tasven didn't seem particularly interested in becoming friendly. He got along with Josie best, helping her navigate the nobles of Ferelden and offering his own insights. He eventually started warming up to Ares, even being one of the people who helped him navigate the politics of Orlais during Celene's ball. After the events of Wicked Eyes, Wicked Hearts, he and Ares started becoming friends, and although they had a huge difference of opinion in the matter of Blackwall (Aka: Thom Ranier) they were able to still be friends and co workers.  

Companion Inner Circle And Love Interest[]

Iron Bull: (The Love Interest) 

Ares found himself drawn the Qunari, not only because Iron Bull was his first introduction to the Qunari race in general, but also because after one conversation Ares realized he was attracted to the large boisterous man. With his crush realized, Ares tried to navigate his feelings, his curiosity and everything else. Ares was very unsure how to handle his crush as up until now he had no actual experience with anyone in this. 

He ended up just doing what he usually did: Asked questions, talked, helped out, and with Iron Bull ,flirted very awkwardly. He also came to realize that Iron Bull didn't exactly fit in with his people. 

Eventually he and Iron Bull wound up in what was at first a casual relationship- Ares was completely surprised by how much he enjoyed everything they did together, and was eager to learn more (as always with his curious nature.) Everything was a first for him, and he never hesitated to let Iron Bull know that who seemed to be amused about it. 

Over time, the two of them got closer to the point that Ares eventually made the necklace of Kadan that Iron Bull talked about once, and gave it to him after the debacle with his advisors walking in on him and Iron Bull.  After the events where he encouraged Iron Bull to make the choice he already mentally made (Saving his Company over an allaince with the Qunari), he did what he could to help Iron Bull come to terms with being considered Tal Vashoth. 

Their relationship became widely known after the events in the Winter Palace, when they had their dance in the ball room after saving Empress Celene. (Will put more in later)

Dorian Pavus: Dorian turned out not only to be a good friend for Ares, but an unintentional mentor as well. Dorian was also a confidante, and one of the very few people that truly knew about Ares's past (other than Leliana and Iron Bull) and didn't judge him for it. Dorian ended up bringing out Ares's sarcastic side, and never seemed to mind it when Ares showed up in his corner of the library and took over the area.

Ares was approached by Mother Giselle about arranging a  meeting with the Pavus family retainer and Dorian. He intended to tell Dorian about it, but he forgot, getting distracted by other things and the day that he and Dorian went to Redcliffe ended up being the day when the family retainer, aka: Dorian's father, also happened to be there. 

Ares ended up encouraging Dorian to talk to his father, hoping things would get better between them or at least be worked out.  

The friendship between Dorian and Ares caused a lot of tongues to wag as well as some friction with Mother Giselle. Despite Ares's obvious interest in Iron Bull, there were some people that seemed to believe they were in a relationship.  

Their friendship formed while they were dealing with what Ares called The Dark Future, when they went to visit Dorian's former mentor, Alexius at Redcliffe. Being thrown into a dangerous future and having to fight together to get back to their own time seemed to have developed a bond between the two. After that it just went on- the more Dorian answered Ares's questions about Tevinter and everything else, the more Ares seemed to take him out on his travels- the more dangers they faced together just seemed to make their growing bond get deeper.  

Dorian was one of the two people that ended up getting to know Ares's private shame and secret- his past at his Circle, and also helped him with his grief regarding Mars.  

Later on, Dorian became an unofficial brother of sorts, mothered by Ares's mother, Rhea Trevelyan who appreciated Dorian's influence in her son's life. She unofficially adopted him and he essentially became part of the large family. To the point that when he took over his father's seat as Magister in Tevinter, Ares's oldest siblings, Neptune and Pluto (Southern Templars) were sent to Tevinter to be Dorian's protection. Dorian's enemies were unaware of what Neptune and Pluto were capable of until they tried to do something.  

Solas: Solas was one of the few people that didn't seem to mind Ares's endless questions and endless curiosity. They constantly got into talks about the Fade, and debates about the spirits and demons. Ares felt indebted to Solas for apparently saving his life, and always found himself feeling curious about the elf. The knowledge he posssessed also made Ares more keen to talk to him and learn from him. While they did become close, Solas did distance himself a little, came across as standoffish. Their closeness suffered some when Dorian joined the Inquisition and Ares ended up unoficially being mentored by the other mage. 

When Solas disappeared after the Battle with Corypheus, Ares was confused and attempted to search for him but with no results. The young Inquisitor in a way blamed himself for Solas leaving not sure if he angered the elf. However come the events of Trespassser, Ares finds himself in the odd position to now having to fight his friend in a different sort of battle- to prove Solas wrong and try to stop him from completing his plans. He is taking the words from Solas to heart "I would welcome the chance to be proven wrong again, my friend." 

Varric: Varric and Ares got along quite well and like with Dorian, Ares sarcastic side seemed to get encouraged when with the dwarf. Ares also learned Wicked Grace from the dwarf. 

Varric easily handled Ares's endless questions and inquisitve curious nature without a problem. They did however have one small point of contention between them- Varric firmly believing Ares was the Herald of Andraste. Ares always denied he was, and was quite surprised and unsure when Varric revealed he believed it. 

They didn't talk much about that- it seemed to be a  topic that they both left alone  after the initial reveal. Ares did earn some anger from Cassandra though when he took Varric's side in their argument about Wolfe Hawke, understanding why Varric had done what he did.   

The Outward Circle[]

(These are the companions Ares got decently along with, but never formed as close a bond as he did with the others)  

Sera: Ares at first wasn't really sure about Sera, and Sera never seemed to know wha to do with him. Despite her fear of magic and Ares being unable to really understand or connect with her at first, they slowly learned how to deal with the other.  At some point, somehow, they became an odd pair of friends and he actually joined in on some pranks when she offered to do some because, once he translated how she said it he apparently needed to stop being so serious and have some fun. 

They clashed a little on some matters, and more than once they argued about other matters ( Mages) but they gained their own little thing at one point in their friendship: Eating bad cookies on the roof.

Cole: Cole was an interesting situation. Ares was never quite sure what to do with Cole. He encouraged the the boy to become more human, (a point of contention between him and Solas) and did what he could to understand Cole. However the fact that Cole could read him made him deeply uncomfortable and at one point afraid- when Cole was with him and a couple others in the Exalted Plains, Cole had done his thing and revealed a piece of Ares's past. No one quite understood what Cole had said, but Ares did and after that he was very careful around Cole and asked Solas if there wasa way he could learn to block Cole from reading his mind.

Blackwall: Blackwall tended to keep himself at a distance from Ares- who's very curious and inquisitive nature seemed to put the man off. Ares always left their conversations frustrated from having vague answers. He had so mant questions about the Grey Wardens and Leliana only answered a few of them.

Despite that though, Ares and Blackwall generally got along for the most part when they did interact. While he and Blackwall weren't as close as Ares was with Dorian, Solas, Varric and Iron Bull, he had sensed something about the man but couldn't quite put a finger on it. 

Blackwall's past being revealed answered a lot of questions for Ares. He was horrified by the nature of the man's crimes, but he also respected Blackwall for finally turning himself in. But he also was upset as well on the Inquisitions's behalf because they used their connection with Blackwall to get resources and alliances. A mess of things were made. But Ares, being someone who wanted to atone and redeem himself for his own past fully understood Blackwall's own need to atone. He made arrangements to have Blackwall released into the Inquisition and then told the man he would be given to the Wardens once Corypheus is defeated. 

After that, they seemed to get along better and Blackwall was able to handle Ares's insatiable curiousity a lot easier. 

The Frozen Tundra[]

Vivienne: Ares and Vivienne did not get along, and had butted heads so to speak, the few times Ares chose to speak with her rather than avoid her. He felt uncomfortable around her, was reminded far too much of how he was at the Circle, and wished he hadn't ever recruited her. He did get the wyvern heart she wanted though in an attempt to at least have a civil conversation but he didn't like being used by her and things never really went past civil between them.   

Family Relationships[]

Ares is one of twelve children born to Atlas Trevelyan and Rhea Valerian Trevelyan-

The Trevelyan family itself has 4 branches of Trevelyan, each one with it's own level of power and influence in Ostwick- Atlas is the oldest out of his four siblings, and has the most children out of all of them.

The Children of Atlas and Rhea:

Pluto and Neptune: Eldest, Twins: 39 years old- Templars, Born 9:02

Pax: 37  years old- Chantry Brother Born 9:04

Helios and Hermes:  35 years old Chanty Brother/Templar, Born 9:06

Mars Trevelyan: 33 years old Templar. Born 9:08

Tyche and Artemis: 30 years old- Tyche is a mercenary, Artemis is a Mother in the Chantry- Born 9:11

Mercury and Venus: 26 years old. Chantry associated. A laysister and a scholar for Mercury. Born 9:15

Janus: 23 years old- Templar: Born 9:18

Ares: 21 years old: Born 9:20

Mars Trevelyan: Mars was the sibling Ares was most closest to, due to circumstances. As a templar, Mars kept an eye on his brother in the Circle and reported to their mother about Ares's progress as a mage. While the Knight Commander there told Mars he had no problem with Mars being there, he made sure to have Mars be the templar in charge during Ares's Harrowing. Ares never knew, and Mars never told him.  Mars always kept a protective distance during Ares's later years in the Circle, but was Ares's main support system at the Circle, as well as when they had to leave during the war. 

Mars's death and it's eventual reveal when Ares's regained his memories shook him badly. Already feeling a bit off and lost before fully remembering, Ares was off kilter for a bit- dealing with all the revelations that came during the time in the fade did not help matters. 

With Mars's death confirmed, the family minus Atlas Trevelyan, travelled to Skyhold to hold a service in Mars's memory. 

Tyche Trevelyan: Tyche is the only other sibling that had been disowned by Atlas Trevelyan. However  due to Rhea's stubborness, that disownment was only ever verbal. She's considered the wild child of the family, running her own mercenary company that's called The Lady's Luck. She and her company was the one that met Ares and Mars at a pre-arranged location to bring them to safe house in Nevarra map. She was also one of the siblings that was a constant in the family visits that took place three times a year. She had a tendency to tease her youngest brother during their visits and constantly asked him how things were going and also had a tendency to send him things during her travels, especially books that she knew would interest him. When she reunited with him at Skyhold during the service being held for Mars, she committed her mercenary company to the Inquisition cause and helped out.  

Rhea Trevelyan: The matriarch of the this branch of the Trevelyan family, Rhea did not take her husband's verbal disownment of their son lightly and always defended Ares, and made it a point to visit him during the allowed visits. Because she refused to follow Atlas's decision and refused to bow to his word, the couple argued greatly and eventually she told him to go live in their Winter home.  She spoiled Ares before he went to the Circle and during their visits, Ares never seeming to fall from the position of being her favorite.  She firmly believes her son is Andraste's Herald, Chosen by Her, and never stopped, even after he lost the anchor, thinking that the means on how he lost it and what he must do now is simply another trial for him to go through, as the Herald. She is his biggest and loudest defender outside the Inquisition and was most certainly angry at how the Exalted Council treated him and the Inquisition.

Pluto and Neptune Trevelyan: They are the oldest of the Trevelyan children, and templars that always found a way to serve together. They've done time at Kinloch Hold, Ostwick Circle, Starkhaven Circle, Montsimmard Circle and the Gallows to named a few,  in the 22 years they've served as Templars. They never approved of the Nevarren Accord being annulled and did not join the war. They were currently stationed in Nevarra when the war broke out. They took to heart what their order was supposed to be: To be the protectors of the Mages, and were constantly at odds with other Templars who abused their position- part of the reason why they were constantly rotating to other Circles.

During the war, they used the home they shared together as shelter for templars and mages who didn't want to be part of the war and needed shelter. When the Inquisition settled in Skyhold, they used their home as a waystation for templars and mages making their way to Skyhold and even helped them travel there.

They do have the opinion that Mages should be in Circles however, but for their own protection. They honestly don't think the Circles should be dissolved but they do agree that the system needs to be overhauled. When Leliana becomes Divine, they end up in her inner Circle, something Ares had helped arrange. 

Out of all the siblings, they are the most fervant in their belief, similar to their mother, that Ares is indeed Andraste's Herald. They joined the Inquisition without question, and reportedly were quite charmed by Cassandra. They assisted Cullen primarily in the training of the soldiers and became his council and planners. 

 They the most wary of the relationship he was with Iron Bull, but while they are wary they treat Iron Bull with respect. 

Atlas Trevelyan[]

: Atlas is the father of Ares, although he would like to pretend Ares doesn't exist. Stubborn and prideful, he's very devout and views magic as a major sin that leads to greater sin and evil. When Ares's magic manifested he loudly declared Ares is not his son as no son or child of his would ever be a mage. He could never do more than verbally disown Ares though, as Rhea wouldn't let him, and his own family- his parents and siblings scolded him for such an attitude. His views on magic became even more stringent the more his family refused to follow his edict about disavowing Ares.

His pride and stubbornness effectively ruined his marriage- while he and Rhea never divorced they now live in separate homes and his children have nothing to do with him and he's not welcome at any Trevelyan family gatherings. When the Inquisition started gaining Chantry support, he got into a blistering argument with a Revered Mother who then censured him for his behavior.  Anytime someone tells him his son is doing excellent work as the Inquisitor, he flatly says that he Inquisitor is not his son. He even refused to attend Mars's funeral at Skyhold. 

Atlas died under mysterious circumstances about a year before the Exalted Council took place.

Janus Trevelyan: The second youngest, and a Templar. Had only been a templar for three years when the war broke out. He's very much of the opinion that Mages should not be allowed to have positions outside the circle and had gotten into a debate about that with Vivienne and luckily survived said debate when he ended up using a few words that she didn't appreciate. 

When asked how he feels about his own brother being a mage in a position of power, he waves it off, stating that Ares was chosen by Andraste and the situation is different, therefore the exception.

Janus's mouth and opinions also got him into trouble with Dorian and Sera, and soon to keep him from getting into even more trouble was given the task of escorting travelers in the route that was set up to bring those to Skyhold.  

(More Siblings To Come)  


Trevelyan Family Tree[]

Trevelyan Family Motto per the Wiki: Modest In Temper, Bold In Deed

Personal Family Motto: Devout In Faith, Devout In Family

Atlas Trevelyan: Father- 65 years old

Rhea Trevelyan: Mother- 59 years old- She married Atlas when she was 18.  

Pluto and Neptune: Eldest, Twins: 39 years old- Templars   

Pax: 37  years old- Chantry Brother   

Helios and Hermes:  35 years old Chanty Brother/Templar  

Mars Trevelyan: 33 years old Templar- Deceased   

Tyche and Artemis: 30 years old- Tyche is a mercenary, Artemis is a Mother in the Chantry-  

Mercury: 27 years old-  Chantry Scholar  

Venus: 25 years old Chantry Sister  

Janus 23 years old- Templar 

Ares: 21 years old 

14 Things To Know About Ares Trevelyan, Herald Of Andraste and Inquisitior ("I am not the Herald of Andraste!")[]

  1. Ares deepest fear is a return to status quo- He has grown and developed so much outside the Circle, came into his own and done so much as Herald and Inquisitor, that he honestly fears being forced back into a Circle Life Mage again.  He feared it so much that it is what drove him to truly support Leliana, knowing how she felt about the Circles and wanting to help mages become free.  
  2. After Ares was made Inquisitor, a group of mages from the rebellion that joined them also asked him to be their leader, the face and figurehead of their rebellion, and asked Fiona to step down. They no longer trusted her. Ares accepted the offer. 
  3. Ares's family firmly believes he is the Herald and after being reuinted with them,  they threw their support behind him. His siblings that had Chantry connections did their best to help Josephine forge ties in the Chantry, and his templar brothers brought more templars who wanted to join the Inquisition. Atlas Trevelyan, Ares's father lost a lot of respect and allies by refusing to acknowledge his mage born son, and he got censured by the Chantry at one point for it due to the influence of his siblings. He also gained more soldiers in form of his sister Tyche's mercnenary company. When word spread of both the Chargers and the Lady Luck's company joining the Inquisition, others offered allegiance as well. 
  4. Due to his age and his inexperience in a lot of things, Ares relied on his advisors for  a lot of their input and insight. As time passed and he grew into his role, he relied on them less and less. His inner circle expanded from just Cassandra, Leliana, Cullen and Josephine and added Dorian, Solas, Varric and Iron Bull.   
  5. Thanks to Ares's unfortunate past, he has enemies. Mages from his Circle who are angry that the mage who once pretended he didn't see anything beyond his books is now being lauded as the Herald and being praised as the Inquisitor who helps those in need. Some have threatened to reveal his past, and unbeknownst to Ares, Leliana has had her agents kill each one that has threatened to do so, and also preemptively killed other mages from his Circle.    
  6. Only Iron Bull and Dorian truly know about his past, and his shame from it.    
  7. After several disastrous attempts at learning archery, Ares has been banned from picking up a bow.    
  8. Ares is very much a workaholic. He became very involved with the Inquisition and hands on. He had tendency to tag along on a lot of missions so he could observe and learn. It was soon realized that if the advisers wanted Ares out of their hair, the best distraction was Iron Bull or Dorian- Iron Bull because of their relationship, or Dorian who could tempt Ares with a new book.    
  9. Favorite color is red.    
  10. In an alternate universe, Ares's older brother Mars is the Inquisitor, and he is the one that died in the explosion. In another alternate universe, his sister Tyche is the Inquisitor, and both he and Mars are alive and in the Inquisition. They will be the respective representatives of the mages and templars that are in the organization. (Ares will also be involved with Iron Bull, Mars with Dorian, although Mars will be the protective brother keeping an eye on what's going on with his brother and Iron Bull.)    
  11. In modern day, Ares would be an archaeologist or a scholar who gets abducted by a freedom fighting group and ends up leading it.    
  12. When Ares found out about Cassandra stabbing Varric's book when she interrogated him, he refused to speak to her for a week. Ares is very much a lover of books, and one can earn a lecture of how to properly take care of a book from the Inquisitor if he sees you mishandling it. Usually he apologizes after, but then asks them to mind how they handle a book after.    
  13. Ares unknowingly met Asheigh Cousland once before.    
  14. Ares hates fish and refuses to eat any.    

Other Various Headcanons/Information About Ares Trevelyan:[]

1. Ares tends to get excited over new pieces of information about a subject he's researching, or when he finds new tomes about a new interest. He'll dive right in and get right into the nitty gritty about any subject. He loves knowledge and finding out everything he can- so it really shouldn't come to a surprise he drank from the Well.

2. A vice of Ares is knowledge. As much as he likes to know and be educated on things, it also drives him to do things one normally would not. (Like drinking from the Well of Sorrows) On one hand as a vice, he's not doing it for power, simply to just know. On the other hand, it's still dangerous to his well being as sometimes the need to know something overrides everything and he can step into some traps.

3. The Nightmare Demon in Here Lies The Abyss said far more to Ares than what was shown, and for some reason chose to make sure no one else could hear it: Ahhh, the Templar's Mage, the good little mage who stuck his nose and mind into books, refusing to see anything. Now you're the mighty Herald and Inquisitor. Do you think what you do matters? So eager to atone, to redeem... but do you think anyone truly cares? They'll see you as I see you: Desperate to make up for your past, but no amount of helping others will erase your sins. You're still the little boy, eager to be the good mage, deep inside, despite the trouble you are causing now. You will die here, Inquisitor, unable to ever make up for your past.

4. (What drives them) Atonement/Redemption. His refusal to acknowledge any abuses in Ostwick, or to even help anyone makes him burn with so much shame, it's what drove him to ally with the mages, and also drives him into protecting everyone he can, using Inquisition resources. It's behind his reasons for getting Alexius to work for the Inquistion, as well as many others he could who showed a hint of wanting to atone. (Blackwall for instance). It didn't work with Florianne sadly, as she wound up dying on Leliana's orders during a mission for Leliana (not that he knows that- all he knows is she died, Leliana kept that quiet). Knowledge is also a big driving factor for him- he's been known to live in libraries and crawl through old ruins to seek out knowledge- if not for himself, but for others if they need it.

5. An interview with Gentivi: The interview would turn into a several hours long discussion, when Ares derails it and starts asking Genitivi about all his adventures and experience. No one will realize what's going on until Iron Bull asks Josie how the interview went and she'll realize NO ONE HAS SEEN ARES FOR HOURS and they'll go searching and find Ares and Genitivi having a meal and still talking and trading stories.

6. Favorite places: Libraries. The ramparts of Skyhold, because he can just watch everything. But for the most part libraries.

7. (What demon would have the most luck with your OC?) For Ares, it would be a Desire Demon- they would be able to see what he desires most is knowledge , and they would do their best to use that to get him to fall.

8. (What would your OC wish for?) Ares would wish to truly see his brother Mars, who died protecting him, one last time.

9. (What is one thing your OC would like to do?) To be able to go back to a certain moment in his time in Ostwick Circle, stand up and actually help one of his Circle mages out, instead of sticking his nose in a book and pretending he didn't see. Other than that? To stop his friend Solas, and get him to see reason. oh and his brother Mars to be alive, that wouldn't be too much to ask would it?

10. (Advice to younger self) "Pay attention to what the Elf in the temple of Mythal says to you. I mean really pay attention and don't get distracted by what else he tells you."

Ares Trevelyan Timeline:[]

9:21- Ares was born.

9:23- 2 years old.

9:25- 4 years old.

9:27- 6 years old- Magic manifested. Was sent to Ostwick Circle, his brother Mars by his side.

9:29- 8 years old.

9:30- The Fifth Blight. 9 years old.

9:32- 11 years old.

9:34- 13 years old.

9:36- 15 years old.

9:37: 16 years old. The Kirkwall Rebellion. Chantry explosion/

9:38- 17 years old

9:39- 18 years old.

9:40- 19 years old. The Nevarran Accord is annulled.

9:41- 20 years old. Conclave explodes. Only survivor. Turns 21 on the day he is named Inquisitor after the sacking of Haven.

9:42- Divine Victoria is elected. Ares is 22 years old.

9:44- The Exalted Council. Ares is 24 years old.


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