Amelia Theirin (born 9:43 Dragon) is the eldest child of Alistair Theirin and Faye Cousland.

Born after her mother's fruitful search for a cure against the Taint, she is the heir to the Fereldan throne. She has a younger twin brother, Duncan, and a younger sister, Rosewyn.

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Physical Appearance Edit

As an adult, Amelia is a woman of above average height (1,76m/5'9"), with a buff, muscular body and slightly tanned skin. Her face is covered in freckles, and she has brown eyes just like her father Alistair.

She has gold blonde hair worn in a chinlength bob style.

Personality Edit

Amelia is a very hard-working amd ambitious person, who tends to be overly critical of herself. She is afraid of failure and tries everything to improve herself. She takes her role as the heir and future queen very seriously.

Talents and SkillsEdit

Amelia is a proficient and skilled warrior who has been trained in using a two-handed battle axe

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Alistair and Faye Edit

Amelia has a very close relationship with her father. Even when she was but a kid, she wanted to know how her father ruled over Ferelden. She often accompanied him to the Landsmeet and took part in his royal duties and took every chance to learn how to be a good queen. Often overwhelmed by the prospect of her duties as the heir, her father tried his best to comfort his young daughter. He would tell her funny bedtime stories to cheer her up.

Siblings Edit

Amelia is often at odds with her twin brother Duncan, who is a much more easy-going person than she is.

Miscellaneous Edit

  • she loves cheese
  • she gets seasick easily
  • participated in the Grand Tourney in the Free Marches in 9:62 Dragon

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