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Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

Amaranta is considered a great beauty, as most Trevelyan women are. Most notably, some compare her to her distant ancestor Asha Campana, particularly around the jawline and cheekbones. She wore her hair loosely in her youth but now wears it often braided into a crown or down her back.

At one point her eyes changed color, during the time in which she was rendered Tranquil, to a dark brown color instead of its violet hue.

Personality[edit | edit source]

The word 'maternal' seems to sum up Amaranta fairly well, but she can also be tenacious, curious, and quite adventurous. Although ill-at-ease with her role of Inquisitor at first, she has been a player of the Grand Game on account of her long apprenticeship with Vivienne, who she admires and looks up to as a hybrid mentor/mother figure. Despite this gentle demeanor, she can be stubborn, obstinate, and quite stiff, hard to shift from a position once she decides upon this.

She is a touch perverted and loves filthy jokes, which she tells if you get enough alcohol in her.

Talents and Skills[edit | edit source]

Magic: Amaranta is an experienced Knight-Enchanter, and completed her Harrowing at the age of 16 years old (only three mages had accomplished this before her, one of them being Vivienne) and became an Enchanter by the age of 23. She is an eager student of various branches of the skill--even if she does not personally use a particular type of magic she will study it.

Languages: On account of her noble and then Circle upbringing, Amaranta speaks different languages fluently. She was raised on a mix of the Trade Tongue, a Marcher Tongue unique to Ostwick and Nevarran (Her uncle's wife, Lady Ophelia Pentaghast helped to raise her), and so she speaks all three with a heavy Ostwickian accent. She later learned Orlesian after transferring to the Circle at Montsimmard and also learned to speak the Orlesian dialect found in both the Dales and upon the Exalted Plains.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Birth and Early Years[edit | edit source]

Amaranta Trevelyan was born at the sprawling castle of Rosegarden in Ostwick during the last days of autumn in 9:08 to Adiza Trevelyan, sister of Bann Ende Trevelyan. The birth had to be kept quiet, however, on account of Adiza's position as a Sister of the Chantry. Adiza, the youngest sister of the Bann Trevelyan, had once been engaged to marry into one of Orlais most powerful noble families on account of her great beauty and the family's extensive connections, but she shocked all by choosing to devote her life to Andraste. Her later pregnancy, then, shocked her brother and his wife. Unable to be raised by her mother, Amaranta spent her earliest years in the nursery of Rosegarden alongside her cousins Endo and Maretta, the Bann's 6th and 7th children respectively and was presented to the world as Maretta's twin--the girls were born three days apart and the dupe was easily carried out on account of their similar features as children. Although Ophelia disapproved of her sister-in-law's impropriety with Amaranta's birth father, she doted on her niece as much as she doted on her other children. Bann Ende Trevelyan and Ophelia Pentaghast had between them 14 children--one died days after birth and another died as a child, but most of their brood was healthy and so there were always playmates for the little girl, in addition to the other children of Ende's many siblings and cousins.

Amaranta was considered a pretty, precocious child, with one visitor to Rosegarden describing her as 'charming, guiless and enthralling'. She loved small animals and although she was often ill, managed to have her older cousins and relatives wrapped around her finger. At 5 years old, she traveled to Nevarra with her aunt and cousins to Cumberland, where she met Bastien de Ghislain a friend and distant cousin of her uncle Ende for the first time. When she was told to kiss the Duke's ring, she demanded that the man crouch down so that she could get to him. Bastien was tickled pink and later recounted this story to the woman who would eventually become his mistress--Vivienne de Fer. It was also around this time that the Vael Family of Starkhaven displayed interest in her as a potential future bride for their youngest son, Sebastian, but this would never come to be. She also made the journey to Highever, where she met future Queen of Ferelden Yvenne Cousland, also a cousin, who was the same age and so physically similar to one another that the also visiting King Maric Theirin remarked that they could be sisters.

The Circle and the Imperial Court[edit | edit source]

At 7 years old, Amaranta began to display the tell-tale signs of being a mage. With great reluctance on the part of her aunt and uncle, she was sent to the Ostwick Circle, where she began her training in the early spring of Dragon 9:15. She remained here for a year. It was around this time that her elder cousin, Linette Trevelyan married into the powerful de Ghislain family, to Bastien de Ghislain's 18-year-old son, Laurent de Ghislain. Not long after, Vivienne firmly established within the sphere of the de Ghislains, Linette used her connections at the request of her father to arrange Amaranta's transfer to Montsimmard, considering her aptitude for learning and clear talent was not being well-utilized at Ostwick's rather puritanical circle. At the age of 10, in Dragon 9:18, Amaranta embarked on the long and grueling journey to Montsimmard from Ostwick, where she arrived in poor health. To the shock of her peers, Vivienne nursed the young girl back to health and then secured her as an apprentice--it was clear to all within months why Vivienne had put the effort in. Amaranta in spite of her dubious health proved herself an apt student with firm discipline, bolstered by her pre-mage education at Rosegarden.

In 9:23, when Amaranta was 15, her birth mother, now Mother Euphemia of Celes, a town on the shores of Lake Celestine, bore a second daughter, Yves Trevelyan. It was decided that Linette who thus far had no children, would take responsibility for the child. When Linette surprised the family with a pregnancy just two months after her arrival, Yves' care passed jointly to Bastien, Nicolette and Vivienne--the Duke and Duchess still mourned the death of their daughter and threw themselves into caring for the little girl who so reminded them of her. Amaranta devotedly looked after and cared for her sister when she visited the de Ghislain estate with her mentor, but requested that the child not be told of their relation.

At the age of 16 she undertook her Harrowing and completed it in record time, after which she was recognized as a fully-fledged Mage of the Montsimmard Circle. Around this time she had a brief, youthful flirtation with the young Marquis Uwan of the Dales who she met at a garden party jointly thrown by Nicolette de Ghislain and Vivienne, but this was stopped by her eldest cousin, Arman, who wrote a lengthy letter reminding her of her mother's near-disgrace. He at least implied she should secure herself a bit better before embarking on affairs. Following her debut at the Imperial Court, she embarked on a full-blown affair with the Marquis, beginning in Dragon 9:26 when she was 18 and he was 19--this would continue with intense devotion for the next eleven years, ending only in 9:37 with Amaranta's choice to return to Ostwick to serve as a Senior Enchanter.

(It should be mentioned that despite her happiness with the Marquis, she possibly also had an affair with Grand Duke Gaspard de Chalons starting in Dragon 9:32. Amaranta maintains that the affair was only three months, but gossip and the Duke himself suggest that it lasted for at least two years).

She did not command the same respect as her mentor but her connections to a powerful family afforded her appropriate dignity and station--most notable she was associated with a cabal of artists and poets favored by the Empress. Amongst these artists and poets was the wife of her lover. The women enjoyed a cordial, if cool relationship with one another. At the age of 23 she had been recognized as an Enchanter, and as her mentor had, joined no Fraternities.

Return to Ostwick[edit | edit source]

In Dragon 9:37, on the eve of the Mage-Templar conflict, Amaranta returned to the Ostwick Circle on request of her distant relation and the Knight-Commander Arnold Treven. The two did not get along, particularly after a row rumored to have come about over her declining his advances. At this time, more clear lines were being drawn up between the various mage factions. Amaranta was outwardly aligned with the Loyalists but privately confided in her letters that she felt that while the Circles should not be disbanded, they desperately needed serious reform and if certain checks and balances were not implemented it would lead to chaos. She went as far as to openly criticize Fiona's call for outright separation, writing in a letter to an Enchanter in Dairsmuid, whose circle would later be annulled violently, 'her radical call is not without precedent or merit, but her timing is disastrous and she will kill more than she will save'. The two women notably did not get along, with Fiona calling Amaranta an 'upstart' and a 'woman who would maintain her own comfort, even if it meant submission'.

Although she missed Orlais, her homeland of a decade and a half, she quickly acclamated to life at the Ostwick Circle, occasionally making the supervised trip to Rosegarden to visit her ailing aunt Ophelia, who passed not long after her return. She was present when, in late Dragon 9:37, when the news of Kirkwall finally reached Ostwick. At some point in 9:38, Amaranta became involved with and pregnant by a Templar by the name of Ser Francois. Although she hid her condition well, news of the dissolution of the Circles prompted to first secure the safety of the apprentices and children within Ostwick's Circle under her uncle's protection, then to leave of her own violition to have her child away from templar interference. As she was traveling back to Ostwick from the village she'd birthed her son in, she was approached by three templars who claimed her cousin had sent them to escort her. Amongst these three were Arnold Treven. Having told this cousin where she was going and with holes in their story, she refused to go with them and was siezed, brutalized, and forcibly tranquilized.

When he failed to hear from his younger cousin, Lord Arman sent his own men to seek her out. When they returned, they brought three dead templars, his ill, Tranquil cousin and her equally ill son. The baby died within three days and his mother scarcely reacted, unable to feel. Until mid-Dragon 9:39, Amaranta remained at Rosegarden, her family unsure of what now to do with her. One day she wandered away from her handler and the entire castle was turned upside down searching for her--when they found her, she was naked, covered in mud, and displayed more emotion than they'd seen in over a year. For three months she suffered violent mood swings, going from happy and productive to melancholy and hysterical (overwhelmed by the realization of what had happened during and leading up to her Tranquilizing), before finally seeming to find a balance.

In Dragon 9:40 she journeyed with Ser Francois as her protector to the Conclave at the request of her uncle, hoping she might represent the fragments of Ostwick's Circle there. When the Conclave blew, Ser Francios and hundreds died--but Amaranta survived.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

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Trivia:[edit | edit source]

  • Amaranta's name means 'unfading'.
  • On account of her extensive, ancient family, descent from Asha Campana and the Trevelyan propensity for fertility, she is related to nearly every known Theodosian head of state in some way.
  • She's an extremely picky eater. She's been known to push food she doesn't like onto Bull's plate at official functions when she coaxes him into going.
  • Amaranta, like the rest of her family, is devoutly Andrastian, but was raised to question by her aunt and uncle. She is directly related to three past Divines. They are:
    • Theodosia I (Born Yvella Trevelyan in Exalted 5:51, she reigned as Divine from Exalted 5:98 until her death from what is thought to have been a bone ailment in Steel 6:41. She expressed growing concern about Qunari expansion in the North up to the very day that she died.)
    • Hortensia III (Born Helene Trevelyan in Steel 6:35, she actually met her predecessor on the Sunburst Throne as a small child. She was named Divine at 60 in Steel 6:95 and reigned until her death in Storm 7:11 and is thought to have declared that there would be another Exalted March before the Age ended.)
    • Faustine II (Born Noelle Trevelyan in Blessed 8:12, she gave the Dragon Age its iconic name. It is often rumored that she bore a bastard as a Sister while serving in the Starkhaven Chantry, but no evidence exists to support this. She was named Divine in Blessed 8:86, but it is often thought that she wasn't keen on actually assuming the position. She died of old age in Dragon 9:04, but rumors abound that she was poisoned.)

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