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Alette Lavellan is the Inquisitor, and former First to the Keeper of her clan.


Physical Appearance[]

  • Alette has shoulder length rich brown hair, a portion of it is usually tied back, and kept out of her face at all times.
  • She has a fair, slightly ruddy complexion.
  • On her right cheekbone is an curved scar with follows the contour of her cheekbone.
  • Her eyes are almond shaped with an upward turn at the ends, and are an warm spiced, brown color.


  • Generally an easy going person that other generally get along with, and is rather sociable.
  • Honest, only lies with she feels like it's needed.
  • Follows her head over her heart.

Talents and Skills[]

  • Exceptional Navigator.
  • Extremely skilled in the Lighting element.
  • Hand to hand combat.
  • Vast knowledge of Dalish Histories.



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