"Sweet talker."

Aleine (ah-LAY-nah) Lavellan is the former First of Clan Lavellan, and the leader of the modern Inquisition.

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Aleine stands about 5'4" tall. She has red hair that she wears in a layered, side-parted bob. Her skin is pale and heavily freckled. She has two large scars on her face: one through her right brow, the other along her left jawline. Her hips are slightly larger than her chest, but her shoulders are broad and her arms and legs are both leanly muscled.

Her vallaslin (which honors Mythal) is a similar shade of green as her eyes. The lines on her cheeks are mirrored on her pelvis. She also has a burn scar on her inner right thigh (accidentally self-inflicted when she was young).

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Talents and SkillsEdit

Due to growing up in the nomadic Dalish lifestyle, Aleine is handy with many mundane skills like cooking, sewing, and braiding/weaving. She has extensive knowledge of the flora and fauna of Ferelden and the Free Marches.

She also has a strong ear for languages; Clan Lavellan teaches children to read by singing, and thus its members both have a lyrical quality to their own speech and readily pick up other languages by following the cadence of their patterns.


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Solas: When Aleine was young, she developed a crush on one of the lead hunters in her clan. He was already an adult, but he never talked down to her, was always kind, and answered her ceaseless questions. Solas reminded her very much of this man from the start; after spending almost all her free time with him, her feelings grew from companionship and friendship to attraction.

The kiss in the Fade was delightful. The kiss on her balcony was amazing. What made her truly fall in love was dancing with him at Halamshiral, just the two of them, alone together.




Dorian: Dorian is Aleine's best friend, the one she can always turn to, the one who has been there for her from the first moment they met. They were fire-forged friends, surviving being thrown forward in time together.


The Iron Bull:

Miscellaneous Edit

In ancient Elvhen, the name "Aleine" means "laughter"; when her mother was giving birth, she laughed with joy, and that was how Aleine came into the world.

Her childhood nickname, "Da'shath" (shortened from "Da'shath'mir'blar", "little feather flower"), means "dandelion". She always seemed to drift about with the breeze, turning whichever way her interests led her.

  • Likes: flowers, animals, reading
  • Dislikes/Fears:  
  • Strengths: negotiation, leadership  
  • Weaknesses: insecure
  • Face Claim: Milana Vayntrub

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