"Five minutes ago you wanted me dead, and now I'm your savior?"

Akasha Adaar is a qunari mage, and the leader of the modern Inquisition.

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Akasha stands about 7'9" tall. Her skin is dark gray, her hair is white, and her eyes are violet. She wears her hair in a ponytail with a side fringe over her forehead, covering the base of her horns. Her horns sweep up and back from her forehead.

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History Edit

Akasha is Vashoth; she was born and raised completely outside the Qun, by Tal-Vashoth parents. Her mother is a mage. Her parents own a farm in the Fereldan Hinterlands.

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Post-game Edit

Akasha lived with the Avaar in Stone-Bear hold for over a year [pre-Trespasser], learning more ways to work her magic and how to work with & be safely possessed by friendly spirits.

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Josephine: Josie is Akasha's smol girlfriend and she loves her to bits. When they first met Akasha was charmed by how... well, charming Josephine is. Then as they continued to work together and Akasha learned more about the human woman, she grew to be more fond of her, and eventually fell in love with her.




The Iron Bull: It's nice having another qunari around, even if he's (at first) a capital-Q-Qunari. Akasha loves drinking and sparring with Bull, she doesn't feel like she has to hold back against someone her own size. She helps Bull overcome some of his fears about magic and mages, even if he never becomes 100% accepting about it all he supports her with whatever she needs. She also supports him when he becomes Tal-Vashoth.


Cole: Cole is Akasha's strange son and she would die for him.

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