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"Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a world to save. Again."

Aida Lavellan is a Dalish elf who, by being in the wrong place at the worst time, would go on to become the herald of Andraste, and eventually the Inquisitor.


Physical Appearance

Aida possesses an athletic figure accented by curves. Her active lifestyle has left her in better shape than most mages. Unusually tall for an elf, she stands at 5'7.

Aida has wintry coloring with white blonde hair and pale green eyes. She keeps her hair loose around her shoulders but pulled back from her eyes. Her vallaslin is a simple pattern dedicated to Sylaise in a darkened shade of green, placed over her left eye.


Like the season she was born in Aida is temperamentally akin to winter- beautiful but cold. Caring little for the opinions of others and even less for those of humans, Aida is difficult to get along with to say the least. Her upbringing instilled within her a keen sense of both confidence and superiority.

Pragmatic to the point of ruthlessness, Aida typically makes her decisions in an informed, practical manner rather than off personal fancies.

Despite her fraught interpersonal relationships Aida has made for a damn good leader, determined to get the job done no matter what. Her steadfast holding to a cause and unwillingness to surrender makes her easy to follow.

Talents and Skills

A naturally talented mage, Aida has a great well of power she draws from to create devastating spells.

She is lacking in defensive and restorative magic, having based most of her skills on the needs of combat. In addition to her first training Aida learned how to fight with a knife in case her magic ever ran dry, and always keeps one in her boot just in case which has saved her on more than one occasion.



Aida was born on the 12th of Haring in 9:14 Dragon into the untamed world of the Dalish.

Unbeknownst even to her Aida has three half-brothers by the same father.

Aida attended her first arlathvhen when she was fifteen, brought along by Deshanna in the hopes that she could find her father.

She was named the first of clan Lavellan the day of her sixteenth birthday. Any whispers of nepotism based favoritism were quickly quelled when Aida threw herself headfirst into her duties, devoting most of her time to any tasks needed.


The Conclave

As the keeper's second-in-command, Aida was trusted to put aside her distaste for humans and get the job done. Deshanna's trust in her niece was well-placed, and Aida successfully snuck into the landmark meeting between templars and mages without bloodshed.


Aida awoke chained, enraged, and with a strange, burning mark on her hand.


In Your Heart Shall Burn


Here Lies the Abyss

Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts



Aida elected to disband the inquisition rather than carry on as an honor guard, leaving her companions to go their separate ways. Her final words were ones of defiance as she set out alone to kill Solas for all he had done, and all he plans to do.

Beyond Tresspasser

Currently little is known on the whereabouts of the former Inquisitor.




As both a devout Dalish and mage rights supporter, Aida and Cassandra were fated to never truly get along. Though they didn't agree on virtually anything, Cassandra could at the very least recognize that Aida was a damn good leader for the Inquisition.

Eventually the pair were on good enough terms that Cassandra shared with her the vanishing of the seekers.

By the time of Solas' reappearance their relationship was respectful on both sides.


Aida appreciated Leliana's ruthlessness- though she found her backhanded methods more than a little questionable.

Leliana privately found it amusing she was close friends with the two elven heroes of the last age.


They didn't get on as well as Varric and Hawke, but that was to be expected really. Their relationship was entirely its own animal- built from a mutual love of drinking and destroying red lyrium.


Finding her trainer insufferable Aida instead had Solas train her in the ways of the rift mage, deepening their connection. Many of her days in Skyhold were spent practicing magic long into the wee hours of night.

As they did not become any closer than this, Solas wisely never told Aida what her vallaslin meant, and would undoubtedly have caught a fist to the face for his efforts anyways.



Josephine helped to soften some of the suspicions Aida had of diplomats on the whole, even if the inquisitor never was fully comfortable with them.


Aida found Sera largely insufferable, putting little effort into nurturing her relationship with the other girl. This distaste was mutual, Sera in turn finding her far too "elfy" for comfort. Everything about the young jenny grated on Aida- her manner of speaking, her conduct, her insistence on pranking every damned person in Skyhold.

Two years after Corypheus' defeat their relationship had cooled into something approximating friendship. Some of Sera's more annoying traits had been softened by her extended involvement with the inquisition, and especially her relationship with Dagna. Aida in turn had become calmer and more patient. They were at long last able to effectively able to work together, with Sera even extending an offer for Aida to join the Red Jennies. Though Aida did not take her up on this, she appreciated the gesture.


They had many disagreements about the nature of magic and circles, but remained close despite their clashing opinions. Aida never quite managed to do or say the right things for Vivienne, but luckily she never really cared to impress others anyways. Such was the key to the survival of their relationship.

Upon Vivienne's request, Aida retrieved for her the true heart of a snowy white wyrven.

Their relationship remained a complicated one but the two mages did end up on the same side at the end of the day, even sharing a spa day together.


In the end Aida decided to spare his life, having grown appreciative of the old man's skill with a blade, allowing him to shed the lie of Blackwall and become Thom Rainier once more.

Iron Bull

Aida very much enjoyed drinking with the Qunari in her free time, what little of it she had. Despite having a strong stomach she was still no match for Bull's seemingly endless tolerance.

The two began sleeping together sometime after settling in Skyhold,

When faced with the choice of fostering an alliance with the Ben-Hassath or saving her friend's company, Aida made the first of many personally-driven choices and chose to save the Chargers at the cost of a more powerful ally.


His endorsement of slavery was a definite sore spot in an otherwise


Dani Hawke

Hawke is too sarcastic for Aida's taste, as she finds the other woman disingenuous and hard to get a good read on. Not to mention the resentment she feels over Corypheus being released. Even if Hawke never meant to, she is ultimately the reason Aida can never walk freely with her clan again.


From their first meeting the two clashed- and it was easy to see why. Both hard-headed mages with a vested interest in elven culture, the two were both too similar and different to ever truly coexist. Aida grew to loathe the witch's haughty view of her role in preserving Elvhen culture.

Despite Morrigan's protests Aida eagerly drank from the well, hoping to find both the information needed to stop Corypheus and regain whatever scraps of Elvhen knowledge she possibly could, consequences be damned.









When she attended the conclave Aida was equipped with a keeper's robe, which she stubbornly wore for much of her adventures under the Inquisition's banner. After the slaughter of much of her clan she found it too difficult to continue wearing the reminder of what she'd lost and allowed Harrit to design her a battlecoat worthy of the inquisitor which she continues to wear in the present day.

Stormbreak has become the ex-inquisitor's iconic weapon, hung in a place of pride across her back whenever Aida enters the field.


  • Aida's Hawke personality type would be aggressive
  • Her halla's name is Nydha, the Elvhen word for the darkest time of the night
  • Leliana gifted her a leucistic crow which Aida dotes on and has named Nubulis
  • Aida means happy, starkly contrasting her harsh personality