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Adonis Hawke (born 9:06 Dragon) is the Champion of Kirkwall and eldest child of Malcolm Hawke and Leandra Amell. Born in Amaranthine, Ferelden, Adonis and his family were constantly moving to different settlements to avoid the scrutiny of the Templar Order due to his father’s and sister's affinity for magic. It wasn’t until Adonis, his sister, and his mother arrived in the city-state of Kirkwall that he would finally make a name for himself and his family. Eventually, Adonis became an outcast to his own city due to his efforts in defending the mages of the city against Knight Commander Meredith and had to leave his home for the safety of those around him. After several years of hiding, Adonis finally returned to Kirkwall not to serve as its champion, but as a defender that rose from his past failures and became a new hope to the city; the Phoenix.


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