As fourth child of Bann Trevelyan, Élodie was expected to become a priestess, leaving her home to join the Chantry on the day of her 20th birthday. This had to be put aside when she was the only one to survive the explosion at The Divine Conclave at age 19. The event left a mysterious mark on her hand, thanks to which she was the only one able to seal fade rifts, tears in the veil, which started appearing all over Thedas. Because of all this, she was there when The Inquisition was founded. And it was The Inquisition and her role in the upcoming events that would shape all of Thedas what helped the little noble girl from Ostwick find her own voice and place in the world.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

Élodie is 160 cm (5 foot 3), slim but athletic, with fair skin full of tiny freckles. She has long giner hair and emerald green eyes.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Throughout the events of Dragon Age: Inquisition, Élodie goes through quite a bit of character development. Starting as a devout Andrastian, little humble girl who doesn't believe she could be helpful in the Inquisition at all were it not for the mark on her hand, after events at Therinfal Redoubt and the following attack on Haven, she is herself surprised to discover what fierce leader she can become, believing her hand is guided by Andraste herself. Upon discovering the real reason she survived The Conclave, as well as the Anchor's origin, she is forced to rebuild her belief system. It takes some time and support from her friends, but she rises as determined young woman, confident in the choices she has made, in her skills and in people around her.

In general she is witty, generous and peaceful person.

Talents and Skills[edit | edit source]

Élodie was first handed a bow when she was 8 years old, and have trained with bows (and longbows) ever since. She has always had a good eye and her shots were remarkably accurate, but it took persistent training for her to be able to be draw the longbow consistently for longer periods of time. Another hobby she practiced since childhood was ballet, though she never came back to it, even after the events of DAI.

Books are also a passion of hers. Be it novels, history, politics, she always loved reading and was also a very good student. She is also well versed in The Game and proves to have a knack for diplomacy.

Biography[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

Élodie was born in Firstfall 9:21 Dragon. As a child she was obedient but energetic, and her father decided to let her filter some of that excess energy by learning archery. He had planned to give little Élodie to the templars when the time would come, but when Lady Trevelyan died he decided to heed his late wive's wishes and promise Élodie to the Chantry as a pristess instead. Part of his reasons were that this way, he could have his little girl at home with him for several more years.

And so Élodie grew up as any young noble lady. She attended balls, banquettes, studied the Thedas history and of course The Chant of Light.

In-game[edit | edit source]

Discovering the powers of the mark that appeared on her hand, Élodie agrees to stay with the Inquisition and help with The Conclave aftermath, but truth be told, she thinks she'll just get in the way. While a lot about this life is completely new, strange and truth be told, uncomfortable, she gradually adapts and finding herself more capable to deal with various peculiar situations than she'd ever give herself credit for, she can't help but wonder if any of the "Herald of Andraste" rumour might be true.

After weeks of speculating, it's events in Terinfal Redoubt and later the assault on Haven that validates her suspicion, as there is no way she would still live without divine intervention on her side.

Within a particularly short time frame, Élodie transforms from a scared girl caught in the middle of a war into a confident just leader, believing Andraste guides her steps. Unfortunately, this image falls apart the moment Élodie and her friends get physically into The Fade during the attack on Adamant. Finding out the truth about her mark's origin and who guided her through The Fade at The Conclave, everything her decisions were based on turns into dust. She breaks down, unable to cope with the responsibility for Inquisition people, thinking herself a fraud. In order to get her out of The Fade safely, Warden Loghain had to carry her out while Wanda Hawke distracted The Nightmare, staying behind.

Following the siege of Adamant, Élodie wishes to give up her position and it takes a great deal of effort from her friends and advisors to spark confidence in her again. And even though they are succesful Élodie has to try hard to take the pieces of who she thought she was, and put together something real. Once she does, and once she loosenes on the rules she set up for herself, she finds herself surrounded by wonderful people who give her strength to face her fears and responsibilities every day. She is still the noble girl who used to love learning the schemings of The Game, and even her closest ones are surprised when she puts her skills to use at The Grand Ball at The Winter Palace, uncovering a plot to kill the Empress Celene.

During the supposed hunt for an Eluvian, upon learning about the Well of Sorrows, Élodie's hunger for knowledge nudges her to drink.

Post-game[edit | edit source]

After the events of Trespasser, Élodie accompanies her husband, Thom Rainier, on his journeys around Thedas' prisons, that is until she gets pregnant. Upon learning the great news, the couple moves to Kirkwall to build a home.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

As young and inexperienced as Élodie was in the beginning of the Inquisition, Cassandra and Varric took it upon themselves to make sure she knows how to handle herself, on the road as well as in battle. Even as time went on and they saw Élodie mature into the young and confident woman (and later a mother), both of them have a hard time getting over the parental instinct to protect her.

Being the curious creature that she is, she got along with Solas well, once she felt safe to ask him questions and prompt conversation with him.

The most important bit in this category is of course Blackwall. Despite the age difference, those two had great chemistry from early on and she was quick to find his presence comforting, seeking out his company more often than she did with others. While the affection was obvious on both sides, they danced around each other for some time. Only upon reaching Skyhold, with Élodie's newly found confidence, did she dare to pressure him into voicing his feelings. It took some persistence, but in several weeks they officialy became an item.

After revealing his truth identity, Élodie had decided to pardon him and agreed to try and restore what had been between them. It took effort on both sides, but she never regretted that decision. After defeat of Corypheus, Inquisition found itself under a great scrutiny from most powerful people of Thedas, and rumours spread about the young lady being manipulated by Thom Rainier. Goaded by her want to put stop to this, and knowing that her beloved would take long to find the courage to do so, Élodie proposed. The two got married before the events of Trespasser.

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

Élodie had been a fan of Varric's work even before the events of DAI and had been initially starstruck upon meeting him. Even more so when meeting The Champion of Kirkwall, whom she had seriously thought about asking for an autograph.

At Haven, Leliana had once remarked that Élodie would have made an excellent bard. Though she had no idea what made the spymaster think so, Élodie understood this in a year's time. She showed remarkable talent in her assassin training and she was excellent at The Game, but she would still never admit Leliana's statement to be true.

In Kirkwall, she unexpectedly gives birth not to one child, but to twins, Marcus and Élodie.

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